Mike Varga Destroys Joyride - New DK Video + Q&A

Mike Varga has been on a complete roll lately. Fresh off the release of his banging Monster video, here we have a brand new one for DK. Watch as he goes big and gets super technical while escaping the Canadian winter outside. 2016 is going to be huge for Varga…

We caught up with Mike to learn a bit more about this video and everything else he has going on -

What did you get into today?

Not much lately because I had hernia surgery three weeks ago. I’ve just been hanging out. I went to my cottage yesterday to chill with my girlfriend and friends. Besides that, nothing too crazy.

Damn. How’s the recovery going? When do you expect to be back on your bike?

There’s basically a scar as big as your pointer finger on my abdomen. It just finished healing, so I’m thinking a week until I'm riding. It definitely still feels very weird.

That doesn’t sound like fun. Glad to hear you’ll be back on your bike soon, though! Jumping right into this DK video, how long did you film for it?

I think I filmed about three to four times over a span of a week or so. I got most of the clips done the day before my surgery, ha-ha. Basically, whenever Tyler Rizzi and I were both free, we would meet and film together.

This was filmed entirely at Joyride 150 Bike Park. Is that your home park and where you ride the most?

I wouldn’t consider it my home park because it’s 45-minutes away from me. There are plenty of parks around my house, plus I have a ramp in my backyard. I usually only ride Joyride in the winter.

Did you have a majority of the tricks already planned out, or did you take a more relaxed approach with this project?

I just went to Joyride for a session with nothing really planned, and ended up filming a couple of banger clips. It was definitely a little more relaxed than some of my other edits.

You’re one of the riders who is really pushing the limits of ridiculous multiple trick combinations. How do those tricks go from just a thought to reality? What’s your process?

Usually, I’m either thinking of the trick for a while or it will pop into my mind while riding. After that, I put on some banger beats and try to send it with hopes of landing it on my first go, ha-ha. If that doesn’t work, I will simply keep trying until I get it.

In addition to the big-air style of tricks we typically see from you, I’ve noticed more tech tricks within your riding. Was that a conscious effort?

I love doing tech tricks. It makes me feel a little more comfortable when I’m closer to the ground. I’ve been trying to progress my tech side mostly because it’s really fun, but also because I love the look of tech riding as well.

Last week you had a video drop from Monster, in which you completely killed it in. Knowing the two projects were so close to each other, did you feel much pressure on producing riding to the level you’d be happy with?

I never even thought of that, haha. I really wanted to get as much filming done as I could before my surgery. During the filming, I ended up being stoked on each clip I got. There was no pressure at all, just fun.

How have things been with DK?

It’s been sweet! I absolutely love DK. It sucks that Trevor Gay was let go, but I guess shit happens. Other than that, I’ve been loving their parts and they’ve helped me tons with travel, along with many other things.

What’s next for you? Do you have any big plans brewing for 2016?

I really want to film a backyard dirt edit. Also, I definitely want to add more to my ramp. There are a lot of competitions I will be going to, such as Simple Session, which is always a treat.

Credit: Tyler Rizzi / DK
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