Nathan Williams on Kink - Video + Q&A 2

Nathan Williams is now officially riding for Kink! This is a huge move for both Kink and Nathan - who, up until now, spent his entire pro career on the United team. Kink is one of the most active brands in the entirety of BMX and Nathan is undoubtedly one of the top street riders in the world. Sounds like a perfect fit, right? We caught up with Kink team manager Jay Roe to learn about how this went down behind-the-scenes and what they have in store for the future.

Congrats on this big acquisition. What’s the vibe like amongst the guys behind Kink in regards to bringing Nathan on board?

Thank you, man! We couldn't be more stoked for 2018 and beyond. We’ve been plotting our next big footprint in the game for a while and we’re super excited to start seeing the puzzle pieces come together. The timing and the mood was right for both Kink and Nathan to make some moves and it’s all happening!

How does the team feel about it?
Everyone is more than happy to share the van with Nathan any day. His riding speaks for itself, but more importantly, he’s a rad dude in general.

When did this idea first come to the table?
The rumor mill started buzzing at a certain BMX get-together in the latter part of 2017 and we got to work!

Who first brought it up?
We have been tossing around new pro team pick-ups within the office and team all year. Nathan is an obvious choice, but was pretty spoken for as we knew it, but sometimes you get those random, unexpected tips from the homies - and he was immediately at the top of that list!

Was it difficult to make happen? He had such a long tenure with United…
I’m not going to speak too much out of my place, but I know Nathan was looking for a fresh start somewhere and had already made the decision to leave United before being contacted by any brand. You can imagine many brands were chomping at the bit for Nathan Williams though, and he took his time and made the decision that was best for him. We already know each other well enough and have traveled together in the past - and he knows most of the team already. We shared phone calls, we hung out in Rochester one weekend, workout out the future a bit, and here we are!

Nathan has ridden for Cinema - a sister company of Kink - for quite some time now. Did this relationship make it easier to pull the trigger?
For Kink, it was mostly irrelevant. He’s Nathan Williams no matter what parts he’s riding! But, I think Nathan might find comfort in that. He is home, under one roof, with the support he needs to continue living.


What exactly do you think Nathan brings to the team?

It’s not necessarily something we’re missing, but the addition of a guy that shares the same outlook, ideas, drive, and passion for traveling and riding as we do is welcomed always.

It’s no secret your pro team slightly slimmed down going into 2018. Was this necessary or encouraged to bring Nathan on board?
Well, Kink doesn’t usually have messy splits with riders or pro careers coming to a close, so you seldom hear about Kink riders “quitting” and moving on. It’s a thing that happens behind the scenes - just in a very casual way. Everyone is on the same page, so it never really feels like anything is changing. We have long-time Kink pros Darryl Tocco and Tony Hamlin officially joining the legends team and departing from the pro squad. Darryl is still remaining a heavy part of Kink on the day-to-day as our video director and Tony will be speaking more on his status soon. As with all good things, the timing was just right and it worked out really smoothly for everyone involved, I think.

I’m assuming he’s going to have a bunch of signature parts in the near future. Am I correct? Anything you can tell us about or give us a timeframe on?
Signature goods have already hit the drawing board and you can plan on hearing a lot more about that stuff in the future. Nathan is currently riding Kink frame, fork, bars, cranks, and other Kink and Cinema parts throughout!

What’s his bike setup at the moment?
Kink Solace III frame, CST fork, Pillar 24 cranks, Wright tires, and more Kink and Cinema goods.

Between his video sections and long-standing relationship with the brand, Nathan has always been heavily associated with United. Until recently, his name was even “UnitedNathan” on all social outlets. What do you think Kink can do to change that image that is burned in our brains?
We’ll be hitting the road heavy this year with a lot of exciting Kink projects in the works and constantly on our traveling and filming tip with the crew. Nathan will be right there in the van, so pay the fuck attention!

Any big trips - specifically with Nathan - in the works for 2018?
Yeah. Nathan has already been on one this year with some big stuff he’s been working on with other people. He’ll be heading to England for Kink in February and we’ll be hitting the road with the pro team in April. The rest you’ll have to stay tuned for.

Following your traditional timeframe, it almost seems like it’s about time for another Kink full-length project. Is that something that has been discussed? Any possibilities there?
All part of the puzzle.

Anything exciting in the works with the rest of the team?
Yeah, just doing our best to keep everyone moving, having fun on their bikes, and riding well. There will be more info on exactly what everyone is focused on in the near future.

It seems like most Kink riders are down for life. Do you forsee Nathan as a part of the team for the remainder of his BMX career?
No doubt. When somebody joins the squad and gives as much energy and work for us as we do for them, they’ve got a spot in our family for life.

I guess the most important question… when the trips officially start happening, is Jameson the dog allowed in the van?
Of course! It was in the contract.

Anything else you care to add?
Thanks for reading! Stay up with everything we’re doing on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and our site!

Credit: Darryl Tocco / Kink
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