The Pool: Highlights 21

Dennis Enarson, Drew Bezanson, Garrett Reynolds, Kyle Baldock, Harry Main, Sean Sexton, Jeremiah Smith, and more throw down some of the best riding in the history of BMX at Nike 6.0's The Pool.

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst
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  • streetstan

    6/6/2011 12:54 AM

    I loved riding this park. Cant wait for the curbstar private session

  • RapandBMX

    5/22/2011 8:43 AM

    i like how they dont show the name of the riders when they fail

  • dnb&bmx

    5/20/2011 3:41 PM

    hate those trick machines. chase hawk kills it!

  • Stan

    5/19/2011 1:20 PM

    BEN WALLACE - doubledownsidewhip pocketair! WTF?! Where is the gamecontroller? SONGS PLEASE?!

  • Jackson_Katz

    5/19/2011 4:13 AM

    what song is that

  • Mike_Bergin

    5/18/2011 8:26 PM

    i hope the best line is in this one been waitin nigs

  • Ábner Santana

    5/18/2011 7:36 PM


  • Lanky Nathan

    5/18/2011 4:11 AM

    Kyle you freaking nutter. too good

  • BMX pro

    5/17/2011 6:42 PM

    hahah cat fish! "its sick its awesome theres hot girls and stuff is expensive!" hahah

  • aZnBMX84

    5/17/2011 4:17 PM

    this vid is banging like an eyes just orgasmed...

  • Don Aplas

    5/17/2011 1:53 PM

    best nike pool edit for sure

  • BmxBeddoes

    5/17/2011 12:40 PM

    so sick mate!

  • Jesus_Canedo

    5/17/2011 5:27 AM

    song please?

  • Tyler_Gray

    5/16/2011 7:39 PM

    what songs are those

  • Brewskie7

    5/16/2011 6:45 PM

    Uhh Harry Maine sat on the ledge for a sec and then flares off it to roll into the pool - what the fuck

  • aizul.azuan

    5/16/2011 5:55 PM


  • RapandBMX

    5/16/2011 5:03 PM

    i love it when a street rider goes to a park and keeps his style as street as possible chad kerley's a beast

  • Shippidge_Youngs

    5/16/2011 4:03 PM

    i just got mind raped what the f*** that is crazy its too good :l

  • Skooter

    5/16/2011 4:01 PM

    oh my.... i shit myself.

  • Viniciusgushiken

    5/16/2011 3:26 PM

    That was unbeliveble! sick lines and tha double flip no hander was insane! up in

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