Ola Selsjord: San Diego Sabbatical 3

Norway’s number one rider recently spent a few weeks shredding spots in the southwestern United States. He wrapped up his trip with a week of stacking ridiculous clips at some of San Diego’s hotspots that are guaranteed to blow your mind. From 1080s on box jumps to barspin flairs in ditches, this is not one to miss. Viva Norway! We asked Ola a few clips to learn more about his international adventure - How long were you in the USA for? I’ve been here for for exactly five weeks. Where all did you visit during your adventure? I’ve been to Escondido, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Tucson, Chandler, and here (San Diego). How long was your trip in the works? I started planning it six months ago. It started out when I met Jack Fahey at Baltic Games and he said he could take me to Woodward West. That was my main interest in the trip, but once I got here, that changed. The whole idea that we could make a video project out of this, which will be for a Norwegian online outlet, just started growing. I paid for my friend Lars, a filmer, to join me and capture all of the riding. We had a car so we could go anywhere we wanted without a set plan. You’re at my house in San Diego now and Lars isn’t here. Where is he? Lars had to get home based on his living situation, but he was with me the first four weeks of the trip. What was the highlight of your trip? My main highlight was to film the Vital video and stay in San Diego. Being in Arizona with the Peraza family was great. Kevin is one of my favorite riders. Hanging out and riding with him was really cool. Also, Woodward West was awesome to experience. What was your favorite place to ride from your trip? That’s always so hard to answer. I don’t even know. Woodward West and Chandler were amazing. Premises was a cool park, too. You never get bored and can always find stuff to do there. Actually, Clairemont YMCA in San Diego is probably my favorite. What did it take to make this trip happen? A few of my sponsors, Get, Beat.no, and Wosnotwos helped out and made it possible. Also, Europcar hooked us up with a car for the trip. What are you going to miss most about the US? Everything I rode. It’s the prefect place to ride. I can’t think of any better places than California and Arizona. Street and park are amazing here. Having good parks, people to ride with, and good weather. You said this trip was educational. What did you learn? Being this close to the BMX industry has taught me a lot of things that I couldn’t have learned watching videos in Norway. What did you miss the most about Norway during your trip? My girlfriend and my family, speaking my native language, Norwegian food. Also, sleeping in my own home. Personal things, nothing riding-based. Remember when we made you go to Mexico? What did you think? Hahaha. Yes! It was definitely interesting to go to Mexico. Earlier in my life, I had heard so many sketchy things about Mexico, so I was terrified to go there. It’s so far from Norway, so I was misinformed. I thought I would never go there, and, I did! It was a personal accomplishment for me. I’ve seen shit on the internet that made me scared to go there. What is your favorite clip you filmed for the Vital video? Probably the flair drop because I really wanted to do one at a street spot. I’ve never done that before. We went to one bank and I tried it and I scraped my arm to death. We found another spot thanks to Dennis Enarson and I pulled it first try. What’s your next trip? My next trip will probably be Simple Session, I guess? Hopefully going to England before that. Riding in Norway isn’t the best. There aren’t enough indoor parks. Who do you want to thank for making this adventure possible? First off, my sponsors - Get, Beat.no, Wosnotwos, and Superstar. Also, Europcar for hooking us up with the car for the trip. Thanks to Jack Fahey - he invited me to the states initially. Woodward West for letting us ride, Lars for coming along even though he was busy at home - he actually quit one of his two jobs to come. Kevin and the Peraza family for letting us stay there for a week. And you (Kyle Carlson) for letting me stay here and filming this video with me. And Josh Betley for helping film, removing plants for the flair drop, telling me how to heal my arm, and everything else. Anything else? Follow me on Instagram and YouTube!

Credit: Vital BMX
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