One Day in Long Beach with Julian Arteaga 9

If you haven't taken notice yet, consider this your formal introduction to Julian Arteaga. Julian is 17-years-old, lives in Huntington Beach, CA, and has a huge future in the BMX world. Peep what he was able to get done during one day of shooting in Long Beach...

Credit: Zach Krejmas
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  • lucaslemez

    5/7/2013 9:15 AM

    who saw the vitalbmx sticker at 1:09 ?

  • Coping_High_Guy

    4/29/2013 4:50 AM

    Can he retire the Dak shirt already?

  • izis

    4/29/2013 2:06 AM


  • SoCalShreds

    4/28/2013 2:24 PM

    ice to x-factor, YES!

  • staBMX

    4/28/2013 5:32 PM

    Big Daddy is going to be pissed.

  • Arri

    5/1/2013 12:31 PM

    Haha fuck yah big daddy is going the be pissed , first thing i thought when i saw it haha

  • FlippoBMX

    4/28/2013 1:10 PM

    for the first few seconds I thought the player was lagging
    dope riding and dope spots

  • RandyZ

    4/30/2013 8:29 AM

    thats cuz it usually is. Just skip back to the beginning of the vid, it should work fine. Just the player getting ahead of itself.

  • ningakid99

    4/28/2013 11:39 AM

    respect for wearing a helmet