Part 2 of rooftop's interview 16

Part 2

Credit: GPPM
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  • directbmx

    5/15/2007 3:44 PM

    dam i remember you on a broken homeless bike at the p.o.w. house

    good job living a bmx dream. a good one indeed.

  • czrbmx

    5/9/2007 12:33 PM

    all around amazing. rooftop is a legend

  • easterndude

    5/2/2007 10:41 PM



    4/28/2007 3:04 PM

    underrated! is and was way ahead of his time.. hope to see more out of him. shred!!

  • staBMX

    4/28/2007 12:15 PM

    thank you so much for answering my questions, sorry bout #4, haha

  • RIDER88

    4/27/2007 9:51 AM

    dude my freakin park is in this video!!!!!!!!! eldora rocks. ill be there this weekend

  • jpbmxchile

    4/26/2007 1:47 PM

    nice video

    the part that my bro record from espn

    was that one that mike is riding street with shorts and whitekneepads

    i saw that part all the days before riding

    mike was my first favourite rider when he was on hoffman

    is always fun see him on this web videos or in props or ride bmx, etc

    i never see dirty deeds but WTF he was doing stuff that is "cool" in this days 2ble peg grind to hop over into the ledge with a crome bike, nutzzz

  • Kurt4413

    4/26/2007 4:22 AM

    nooo the answer was good.. I didnt think my question was very good haha.. good stuff for sure dont worry about that

  • koziolekkamil

    4/25/2007 8:42 PM

    good interview

  • Freak

    4/25/2007 5:37 PM

    that remind me why mike escamilla was my first favorite rider

    anywhere i could find his dirty deeds part ?

  • LAteddy

    4/25/2007 2:15 PM

    Wow that's embarassing, what about my username gives off that girly sound?

  • brian139

    4/25/2007 1:38 PM

    Rooftop owns!

  • GlennPPMilligan

    4/25/2007 1:28 PM

    Kurt? You didn't think his answer was good or your question?

  • Kurt4413

    4/25/2007 12:44 PM

    ha surprising he answered my question i didnt think it was that good

  • Andrew.R

    4/25/2007 11:42 AM

    Good interview, respect.

  • Dylan

    4/25/2007 9:44 AM

    Good Interview