Ricardo Laguna Vegas DIrt Session 40

Ricardo Laguna and Trophy 2 handle some dirt business in Ricardo's backyard playground.

Credit: Kyle Carlson
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  • trophy2

    12/16/2008 6:59 AM

    good trails...perfect.

  • streetcrime

    6/2/2008 4:42 AM

    Ricardo Laguna is such a tool. Go over to ridebmx.com, he always comments on the videos saying stuff like "they can't ride dirt like me. Sponsor me. ricardolaguna.com." The dude has a high pitched voice like his balls are the size of marbles, maybe he does roids.

  • dk bikes

    5/10/2008 6:11 PM

    Nice tuck no handed backflip

  • Super Dan

    4/10/2008 5:06 PM

    wow ricardo haven't heared from him in a while

  • tom edwards

    4/10/2008 2:42 AM

    who the hell sings that song its bangin

  • dylanbmxAus

    4/3/2008 1:17 PM

    thought that front flip was super low but clean haha fuck yerr mad trails

  • JCWpp88

    4/1/2008 10:35 PM

    fool that grave is soooo giant days and days of work lol

  • casagrandebmx

    4/1/2008 6:52 PM

    yes bmx brazil

    abração maike

    derrubaram seu gap em caracas kkkkkk

  • william nunes

    4/1/2008 6:08 PM

    eeeee BRASIL ....BRAZIL BMX

  • sunday!6969

    4/1/2008 4:45 PM

    i liked the backflip tuck no hander it was sick

  • Monster BMX

    4/1/2008 2:33 PM

    filhos da puta! pq nao botaram o nome do mike??
    sons of bicht... why they didnt say Mike moura and the other guy name??

  • Monster BMX

    4/1/2008 2:24 PM

    é isso ai mike! fode os gringo tudooooooooooooooo!

  • Bowman

    4/1/2008 12:31 PM

    kids got some style and extension with his tricks..
    good video..

  • tyler_u

    4/1/2008 2:47 AM

    crazy................2 many tailwhips tho

  • hucker

    3/31/2008 8:06 PM

    fuck good job ricardo trails look so sick

  • ReveL EOC

    3/31/2008 4:51 PM

    that was discusting... double whip to 3-whip train... triple barspin... everything looks so damn dialed..

  • rustyjohnson93@yahoo.com

    3/31/2008 4:03 PM


  • kjm

    3/31/2008 3:18 PM


  • drizzle

    3/31/2008 3:07 PM

    tripple bar was tits magee

  • shaunsaunders69

    3/31/2008 2:39 PM

    yer boi