Shea Nyquist's Seat-Steer Bike 5

This bike is so hard to ride. The sprocket underneath the seat makes you concentrate more, I guess.

Credit: Losey
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  • tadpole50

    4/13/2009 12:48 PM

    that is dumb

  • wittay

    3/3/2007 7:00 AM

    damn thats kool i got 2 buks and a pebble wana trade??

  • theboyandhisbmx

    2/26/2007 10:30 AM

    do a barspin :D

  • AsAshesFall411

    2/18/2007 8:55 AM

    Omg plzplzplz come to incline club in n,j and show it off.....u have no idea how many pepole would want to pay big money for something like that and ur super tall bike.....i love it keep it up

    -cruis 4 life... josh

  • scooterdon

    2/15/2007 9:23 PM

    that is one doggone SWEET ride.

    Take THAT and stick it where your hands free legislation dont shine copper!