Skate City BMX Contest 2 29

Part 2 from this rad contest. Make sure to watch Part 1 as well.

Credit: Kyle Carlson
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  • JoshBayless?

    4/7/2007 2:26 PM

    gordy doesn't know shit! Barstow makes people retarded. Just playin. Can I come ride your place gordy?

  • buckey

    3/29/2007 2:28 PM

    this video was rad for sure.

    i love how people always leave negative comments on vital.

    gordy is right... if you werent there dont talk. i wish i could have just been there to watch. it looked like an awesome contest.

  • gordytoth

    3/25/2007 8:58 AM

    contest results went as deserved def paul rode the best for shure unless you were there you dont know shit

  • gordytoth

    3/25/2007 8:58 AM

    contest results went as deserved def paul rode the best for shure unless you were there you dont know shit

  • gordytoth

    3/25/2007 8:56 AM

    you know i made fun of every single one who rode

  • karsk

    3/21/2007 6:01 AM

    As I said, it may have just been this vid/contest... but style does count. And I saw ZERO in this vid from Woodward. He may be a cool dude, I'm not bashing him, just saying it lacked style.

  • Reviajbmx

    3/21/2007 1:06 AM

    That guy ryan talk too much. Steve woodward is the man have 100% of talent. Te paso el rolo el hombre Ryan

  • tweakface

    3/20/2007 3:18 AM

    ryan mills? get a job, maybe an ounce of style too, wallride to 540? ill give him that but what a chode, he meant it.

  • Biznessman Don

    3/19/2007 11:56 AM

    Ya people like to talk alot of shit on Vital...... Karsk, not everyone can be Mikey. But as far as Woodward, he was pretty fricken smooth and dailed as all heck. Way better then almost everyone at that comp. Def Paul was nuts and almost won, i think he missed first by like 10 points. And as far as Ryan, he was joking.... But if you have to blame anyone it would be the judges, but FYI there was 3 judges and i think only one was from intown, so it couldn't have been that biased.

  • Colton Satterfield

    3/16/2007 11:01 AM

    dude, he did a downside icepick pegless, and an ally-oop downside whip into vert, that man doesnt need anything. what i would give to ride like that. hes rad person too

  • karsk

    3/16/2007 1:18 AM

    I don't know if it was just this video, but Woodward's style was lacking. He pulled good tricks and lines, but zero style.

  • Digger

    3/15/2007 11:58 PM

    That was sooooo woodwards!!!

  • Adam Wilson

    3/15/2007 5:45 PM

    The videos are amazing and there is all amazing riding in them, so thank you Kyle and everyone that rode. Ryan is a badass. Steve is a badass. Alfredo is a badass. And so on. A lot of established names in that list and in the video and in the Finals. There were 25 pros.

    It wasn't a competition. If it was the judging should have went to the crowds of people watching, not the people that were too drunk and stoned to even ride their bikes.

    Does Jam Format usually mean Best Trick Competition? Metro holds that separately.

  • Colton Satterfield

    3/15/2007 4:58 PM

    steve woodward is a robot btw, hes not even a real human, he should be banned from compteting, hes way to good

  • Colton Satterfield

    3/15/2007 4:57 PM

    ryan mills is a badass, adn he would know im just kidding, but the fact that ppl who were throwing down like alfredo mancuso, and johnny stevens, and fucking hucker didnt even make finals doing huge flipwhips, i would just really really like to see the amazing riders who are on the come up, that are killing it, get what they deserve and have worked for, no doubt mills road good, but so did the dudes who didnt make finals, im not sayin i shoulda cuz god knows i shouldnt have, but hucker, and cmon, alfredo rule s and he shoulda got way better than 8th place, wtf is that

  • Colton Satterfield

    3/15/2007 4:54 PM


  • Alex Auerbach

    3/15/2007 3:25 PM

    mills rode that place so well, plus people should be able to recognize a sense of humor. and woodward is amazing

  • skatecity

    3/15/2007 3:05 PM

    I had to join this just to comment on this. I agree about ryan mills. He should have NOT been in finals. But that is my opinion. I wasn't a judge and neither were any of you. I would like to thank Kyle for making the videos and everyone for coming out, it was a good time.

  • DerrickWaters

    3/15/2007 2:07 PM

    steve woodward is a F-in animal. I hope he won first.

  • black1

    3/15/2007 2:01 PM

    especially when johnny stevens only got 6th and he killed it