Team Dirt Jumping Contest 35

What does it look like when tons of guys throw down rad tricks in a nonstop dirt jumping train? Click to check it out.

Credit: Juca Favela
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  • BUTTERS999

    11/10/2008 6:55 AM

    sick double flip at the end

  • Mr woods

    10/17/2008 1:52 PM

    one of them rides just like mikey
    thought it was him

  • bmxscott

    10/15/2008 5:44 PM

    wow 2:46! holy shit tht was crazy

  • Marco123

    10/14/2008 7:29 PM

    mad good vid @ 2.53 to 2.59 last guy almost died

  • hks700hp

    10/14/2008 6:17 PM

    ohhhhhhhhhh it's cool

  • KriSandM

    10/14/2008 4:10 PM

    sick vid!
    Stay Strong Stephen Murray

  • manve

    10/14/2008 2:18 PM

    (dude it's not the fking prayers, it's his amazing willpower!!)stephen murray. stay strong, you're a hero to us!!

  • dk bikes

    10/14/2008 12:18 PM

    what can i say good rideing!!!!

  • adonis

    10/14/2008 2:46 AM

    yo i wasn't even logged in.i had to log in to leave this comment that shit was so fuckin sick i love the cocept.that double back was sick.those close calls when those dudes whipped out sick this video makes me wanna ride dirt to bad i suck at it....stay strong stephen murray!!!! thanks for the insperation

  • hawaiian_george

    10/14/2008 12:20 AM

    sick video! exactly what riding is all about!

  • FBMjason

    10/13/2008 6:35 PM

    so insane dude, double backflip was sick

  • PbEmTxE

    10/13/2008 3:05 PM


  • dirtfield_52

    10/13/2008 2:29 PM

    soo close on the trains !!! nice double backflip

  • Old School Wolfie

    10/13/2008 1:54 PM


  • freecoaster bmx

    10/13/2008 1:40 PM

    I love trains
    that was unreal
    @ 2:59 he almost got owned

  • sarkumfromindonesia

    10/13/2008 12:47 PM

    Sick trains...!!!! they're so fuckin' close and doin' crazy tricks....

  • dub2424

    10/13/2008 11:33 AM

    normally not a huge fan of the trails, I respect them for sure, but more of a street guy, but that was amazing. guys just hucking themselves one right after the other.

  • Super Dan

    10/13/2008 11:03 AM


  • NelsonIndustries

    10/13/2008 10:45 AM


  • bikerider2k8

    10/13/2008 10:10 AM


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