Tech Tips: BMX Brake Installation and Maintenance 15

Still running brakes on your BMX bike? Let Brian Kachinsky help you figure out how to put them on and dial them in.

Credit: VitalBMX
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  • Evan_Yoder

    10/2/2011 9:00 PM

    what bike is that?

  • Brandon_Keierleber

    5/14/2011 10:33 PM

    is the front the same as the back

  • Fitbike Dude

    1/28/2011 9:39 PM

    I wish I had a chain guard on my bike...

  • Browniie

    3/15/2010 9:12 PM

    howed he know i was watching on vital?? creepy..

  • bobbiealtiser

    3/15/2010 8:39 PM

    man! I am so happy that the front brake is going back on.

  • rep 70tre

    3/15/2010 2:09 PM

    lol im to poor to run brakes so i use my foot very little setup or adjustment

  • lilgio

    3/15/2010 1:22 PM

    he always has the same shirt on. lol


    3/14/2010 11:05 PM

    @nathan#1fan: you hate brakes, but you came out of your way to watch this video and share that useless peice of information with the world?

    i can never quite sort out the lever arm tension with the shifter and the alan key ... just to much for my pretty little mind to handle ... take it to the bike shop

  • nathans#1fan

    9/10/2009 3:32 PM

    I HATE BRAKES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OldSchoolJay

    8/15/2009 4:15 PM

    Best line up your blocks and connect cables up before setting any spring tension , also blocks should tow in a bit or your brake will squeal and squeek if you set them even to the rim, .

  • EasternRider465

    7/25/2009 7:20 PM

    that intro was gay as hell, but other than that great vid!

    i gotta take a brake...... wow

  • '90

    6/8/2009 12:20 PM

    "I gotta get a break" great! XD

  • J DAWG

    5/23/2009 8:45 PM

    why cant i watch any of these vids

  • bmx man631

    5/7/2009 1:51 PM

    ya me too some of them are helpful

  • peoplethewe

    5/6/2009 7:44 PM

    i like these tech tip thingy mabobbers

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