The Superman Story 43

Where did the superman come from in BMX? Who did it first, and was it supposed to be one-handed? Here's the story straight from Bob Kohl.

Credit: Brett Rohlfing
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  • jesus lopez

    3/19/2009 8:44 AM

    thats the best history i have herd in a long time that is sick as fuk

  • foxrider18

    3/16/2009 6:09 PM


  • PJ_elbi

    3/12/2009 4:17 AM

    how about creating a bmx tricks/words dictionary- indicating the originators

  • Kyle LaCour

    3/8/2009 3:02 PM

    Hey Bob, it's Kyle from Glenview. Long time no see. I thought you might have traded in your bike for a wheel chair but I see I was mistaken. Super stoked to see you're still riding. I'm live in Chicago now near Wilson and run into Dave (i think, used to run the skateboard camps at scrap) so i'll try to get your number from him.

    note: regarding Bob's extension of this trick. Along with undergoing a higher number of surgeries than most people have tricks, many people are unaware that after he actually lost the uses of his legs in 96 after airing to high (the lack of atmospheric pressure caused them to explode). Doctors were succesfully able to integrate primitive robotics into bob, enabeling him to continue riding. Unfortunatly, the primitive technology at the time (these are the people that gave us Laser Discs....), only allows him to extend supermans half way. Mac is currently working on an upgrade for him that will not only allow for full extensions, but that will also be availbable in various colors to match his current bike setup. COLORS!!!!!!!!!

  • chichi reyes

    3/6/2009 11:37 PM


  • chichi reyes

    3/6/2009 11:36 PM

    omfg ur the worldest best ride :o

  • yamum

    3/3/2009 1:32 AM

    get it a bit more extended

  • Adam Wilson

    3/2/2009 9:51 PM

    Freestyle Moto X would be pretty boned without the Superman! Haha, only kidding

    This History Lesson should definitely be a regular on here. Less Thread Jacking from people trying to promote their damn site though.

  • JSFER2

    3/2/2009 12:14 PM

    i agree with sarkum from indonesia haha.
    This shit was done before my parents even started to get busy.
    I still love it. And this picture i saw of mat hoffman doing a x-up one hander was cool cuz of the full-face, white and chrome bike, and front brakes haha. This is so cool to see someone riding longer than i've been living and still riding nuts. I like the pioneers of BMX haha.

  • Mattsson

    3/2/2009 10:55 AM

    yeejj andrea olla from sweden in the street pick kick assss

  • sarkumfromindonesia

    3/2/2009 10:29 AM

    Olds Cool....!!!

  • alex_rider78

    3/2/2009 4:26 AM

    cool video, if they do more of the same sort of video in the future half of them are gonna be with mat hoffman ..

  • dylanbmxAus

    3/2/2009 12:34 AM

    that is sweet vert is so rad and love to see him still ridn after ages woo

  • dustydavis

    3/2/2009 12:30 AM

    the year i was born..........................badass to see this video........i was in austin this weekend and about 9 people did not even know what the movie rad was. its just a movie but learn some history for real. major props.

  • Bethers4130

    3/1/2009 9:20 PM

    He may not have pulled it, but I think he was the first guy in bmx to try a double back flip... Back in AZ it was '92 or '93 at the Hoffman BS comp, "Death in the Desert". He laid down some history!

  • Cakymon

    3/1/2009 8:21 PM

    that ride BMX mag with TJ Lavin rippin the supperman was one of the first mags i've ever bought. great memories

  • hickey138

    3/1/2009 6:02 PM

    Don't really like John Dale's martyr attitude so much, but respect to Bob Kohl.

  • Mavro

    3/1/2009 5:39 PM

    This is awesome, thanks Brett!

  • RedEndo

    3/1/2009 3:45 PM

    ps - Joe Johnson - INVENTOR OF THE TAILWHIP!

    Hey kids, pay attention to the history! A whiplash (rolling tailwhip) and a footjam tailwhip are NOT the same thing!


    John Dale
    RedEndo BMX
    Curbrider LLC
    Tucson, Arizona

  • RedEndo

    3/1/2009 3:44 PM

    Excellent! And for more history, check out this interview with Eddie Fiola at - particularly interesting is what he says about BMX in skateparks.

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