Triple-Tailwhip-Flip 60

Anthony Napolitan gets an insane trick done on Woodward's resi. A cell phone camera got the job done this time around.

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  • FBM-leo-Executioner

    2/6/2009 3:46 PM

    thats absolutely sick!
    and those who say its got no style ..go try do a triple tailwhip flip and try make it look stylish

  • Floater McGavin

    10/21/2008 6:51 PM

    oh yes that shits verry real i was there bitches so tayalor, ponch, and the rest of u haters can sit on a fat 1, u r wat sux about bmx

  • sammy smithh

    9/20/2008 7:19 PM

    that is fucken crazy! hes so good

  • FreecoastedEastern

    9/17/2008 9:57 PM


  • staats305

    9/17/2008 6:43 AM

    wheres the style at in that trick. id rather watch a flowing vid of good riding then just a vid of big tricks like that. props for landing it and all but look at corey bohan he has so much style and can do the bigger tricks with style not just throw them out there to do them.

  • samwalprodutions

    9/15/2008 6:37 PM

    god damn

  • foxrider18

    9/11/2008 2:56 PM


  • la bean!!!!(luis)

    9/10/2008 2:10 PM

    holy crap that is so nigger tits!!!!

  • kingdirt bmx

    9/6/2008 7:33 AM

    holy shit bro thats was the most insane thing i have ever seen

  • sparks

    9/5/2008 10:38 PM

    thats was my ipod holmes!

  • ridetheflow445

    9/5/2008 6:50 PM

    and he has recover push push playing in the backround nigg

  • ridetheflow445

    9/5/2008 6:49 PM


  • GonzoBikes

    9/4/2008 9:21 AM

    Im kinda getting sick of twhips, but that was crazy as hell.

  • ForTheLoveOfBmx

    8/30/2008 5:30 PM

    At least there's new things happening in BMX... look at skateboarding or rollerblading, they're dead. No offense to those sports, haha... but Bmx is progressing all the time in every way. PROPZZ

  • jonnypeppin

    8/30/2008 2:50 AM


  • gavitron

    8/24/2008 12:47 AM

    holly shit spon u got some skills!!!!

  • fotoubikesinsl,ut

    8/22/2008 12:44 PM

    this isnt bmx.
    this is gymnastics. gay gay gay gay gay.

  • patrick clark

    8/22/2008 4:10 AM

    HOLY TITS lol that was heappppssss madd

  • wadesbmx69

    8/22/2008 12:54 AM

    (Add your own)madd but shit video quality

  • the171

    8/21/2008 7:27 PM

    crazy. I don't understand how you can say that this isn't pretty awesome. not creative? I don't know man I've seen alot of tricks but this is a backflip with 3 tailwhips. thats nuts.