Ty Morrow: RDU Edit 45

A little over four years ago, we teamed up with video wizard Tony Ennis to produce this piece of Ty Morrow completely killing a bunch of parks in the Raliegh, NC. So much has changed since we dropped this, but all of the riding is still completely top notch by 2014 standards. Ty is such a natural on his bike and Tony is such a natural behind the lens. Watch this and rejoice. - Kyle Carlson / 2014

When Ty isn't traveling the world and filming, he's still shreddin' the parks of NC. Ty cruises the Raleigh/Durham parks in this edit.

Credit: Tony Ennis
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    4/29/2012 9:00 AM


  • moss1982

    4/29/2012 1:25 AM

    Kids got swag, he was most likely ripped while riding too. Fkn boss!!!

  • yousef hilweh

    11/23/2011 2:24 AM

    Looks soooo easy.but its NOT!!!!!

  • Tyler_Miorin

    12/3/2010 3:10 PM

    chill edit meng

  • limpsonbikes

    7/2/2010 3:06 AM


  • 94mongoose

    6/30/2010 2:04 AM

    this edit just proves how much of a man the viking really is... keep that shit up homes

  • fullclip

    6/29/2010 11:32 AM

    good filming skills on that skateboard!!!

  • GemWolf

    6/29/2010 9:58 AM

    man I Wann Go Ride Now!!..Good

  • Sam_boi!!!!!!!!

    6/29/2010 2:52 AM

    sick m8

  • chrisMarino

    6/28/2010 11:06 PM

    @ harostreeter51, the music was chill and stylish like TY, so it went perfect with the edit

  • aznsbmx?

    6/28/2010 10:40 PM

    stylish as fuck!

  • Rich James

    6/28/2010 11:17 AM

    You should get a frame with a longer back?

  • Smithers

    6/28/2010 2:31 AM

    he is that mother fucking god damn dope

  • fittember

    6/28/2010 2:31 AM

    Waooow :D This guy is so awersome! I like his style!... :D That video was the best what I've seen in these days, but I haven't seen a lot... But this is awersome!!

  • harostreeter51

    6/27/2010 9:23 PM

    that was awesome:D love the park, what state is this in???? i wanna hit that park so bad!!!!
    btw this music is hella gay.

  • GrizzlyBear

    6/27/2010 10:40 AM

    makes it look disgustingly easy

  • arielbike

    6/27/2010 10:21 AM

    love the huge 180°

  • streetstan

    6/27/2010 6:06 AM

    such a good edit even the loop outs and shit are smooth ty m = So Good!!!

  • paullovesBMX

    6/27/2010 1:12 AM

    nice fastplant 360

  • MannyThatOneKid

    6/26/2010 11:18 PM

    That was amazing ahhaah

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