Vans BMX Invasion 64

The Vans Orlando park hosts another hot contest. The beginning of this video is straight-up brutal!

Credit: Brett Rohlfing
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  • biker30

    3/1/2010 6:53 PM


  • Girls_and_bikes

    1/22/2010 6:16 PM

    so sick i was in it for 16 and under..........can wait for themto do another

  • wade2444

    5/8/2009 3:58 PM

    so sick i wis had been there to see

  • 22bmx22

    4/30/2009 11:47 AM

    I rode 16 and under

  • redlinebmx24

    4/27/2009 3:27 PM

    this video is sick

  • J-Man

    4/22/2009 11:58 AM

    u guys make me look like i suck... oh wait i do

  • BobbyHenderson

    4/22/2009 9:38 AM

    this park looks shitty but the 180 whip was pretty dialed.

  • agrelon

    4/22/2009 6:03 AM

    2:21, insane height.

  • jesus lopez

    4/21/2009 10:45 AM

    thats hela bad ass vid.

  • foxrider18

    4/20/2009 3:51 PM

    so sweet. i would love to ride there.

  • hickey138

    4/19/2009 3:29 AM

    ramp tramps

  • Papi Dan

    4/18/2009 11:59 PM

    But his 3 whip into the flatspin 540 look almost too easy for a broken ass.Good stuff Roni.I know Papi Pedro is really proud of you (as always haha)

  • Papi Dan

    4/18/2009 11:50 PM

    Ronny's ass must hurt from that frontflip gone bad like that.Ouch

  • Profile Racing Online

    4/18/2009 7:45 AM

    pretty wild stuff goin on...

  • bmxdude13

    4/18/2009 4:38 AM

    fuck dem falls musta killed boy shit .

  • radripperaj

    4/17/2009 1:09 PM

    i was about to go out side and ride. then i saw those wrecks. now my steam is kind of gone lol. that arm did look like it kind of snapped in the beginning

  • brider19

    4/17/2009 11:00 AM

    damn that front flip fall must have fucked him up

  • Zach Newman

    4/17/2009 10:14 AM

    everyone in florida... if kyle doesnt wear his full face i give u permission to kick him in the gonads

  • bluebmx

    4/17/2009 10:10 AM

    i dont even see why people think he hurt his arm. no his arm didnt get a scratch, he did break 3 teeth though.

  • a Justin

    4/17/2009 1:55 AM

    crazy i think he dislocated it

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