Vital Best of April Video 29

All of the best clips from the best VItal BMX feature videos from April. Can't go wrong with that.

Credit: Vital BMX
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  • @lonso

    5/15/2009 12:54 PM


  • justenridesbikes

    5/15/2009 12:02 PM

    Why the fuck was that guy on fire...

  • dk bikes1

    5/15/2009 8:33 AM

    nosepick barspin hell yeah!

  • CjCapozzoli

    5/14/2009 9:16 PM

    awesome filming dialed outro. we'll see if jersey can make the may cut

  • cody_rez

    5/14/2009 6:57 PM

    good but last months was better

  • v4511105

    5/14/2009 6:32 PM


  • brownie man

    5/14/2009 3:49 PM

    sorry guys. the first time i watched i was pretty sure i saw his two vids but not his name. i apologize to both of you. sorry mark and terrell.

  • benbmx3

    5/14/2009 1:00 PM

    nosepick barspin was sooooooo sick!!!!

  • spaztex_x

    5/14/2009 11:00 AM


  • bIG pOKIE

    5/14/2009 9:49 AM

    pretty nice.... hhahah fire man

  • Bradd-Federal-Freecoaster

    5/14/2009 7:41 AM

    whip to foot jam WHIP WOW

  • RedEndo

    5/14/2009 4:57 AM

    Nice edit!


    John Dale
    RedEndo BMX
    Curbrider LLC
    Tucson, Arizona

  • STOLEN4life

    5/13/2009 6:02 PM

    Whats up with the fire!

  • JonathanAllen

    5/13/2009 5:15 PM

    Can we do a Vital worst of April?

  • DiNello

    5/13/2009 4:27 PM

    the gift that keeps on giving !

  • terrellgordy

    5/13/2009 4:26 PM

    Juca's name was definitely in the credits, I'm actually the only person thats not in the credits. Shawn Reals toothpick whip isn't in any videos, its just a badass clip that people just need to see, same with the over footjam tooth. Shawn just had an edit that Tony Ennis made a little while back that has better angles of both.

  • Lanky Nathan

    5/13/2009 3:53 PM

    that was sick! lol i love bangers <3 i dont remember seeing that tooth lash in any vids tho? ah well =P

  • xlilkillaluc15x

    5/13/2009 3:12 PM

    yess!!!! soo happy the made another best clips of the month vid. sooo good

  • Losey

    5/13/2009 12:24 PM

    Juca's name is huge in the credits at the end of the video, as are all the filmers/editors.

  • xanaville

    5/13/2009 11:53 AM

    I had no idea that a icepick to fakie is a better trick than a 1080...