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If you’re not familiar with Canadian street shredder Ryan Eles, get ready to make that a household name. If you are familiar with Ryan Eles, you know that throwing him in the mix of perfect spots in San Diego is a recipe for greatness. Every single clip in this is progressive and perfect. Watch this and get familiar!

What brought you out to California in the first place?

Seeing all of the videos and hearing everyone talk about how amazing the scene is out there, I’ve always wanted to get out to Cali. And, when my good friend Mike Gray moved out there, I made it a goal to get out to visit.

Was this your first time in San Diego?

Yep. First time being on a plane, too! What’d you think of it? It was amazing. Beautiful weather everyday, the nicest people, and there are so many perfect spots everywhere. It’s paradise. 

Aside from avoiding the horrible Canadian winter, what were a few highlights from your trip?

I tried surfing for the first time and it was way harder than I ever expected. I also had the opportunity to go camping with a bunch of rad people at Joshua Tree. It’s such an incredible place. And, just being able to meet so many awesome dudes that I’ve looked up to riding was another big highlight.

What clip in the video took you the longest to get?

I’d have to say that last clip. I was stressing the over switch smith because of the size of the drop and I was psyching myself out. Thankfully, I had Doeby to get me stoked to finally just go for it. It worked out and security came right after I pulled it.

What is your favorite clip?

Definitely the crank hard 180. I’ve been wanting to learn that one for a while now and that was the perfect setup for it.

Tell us a little about filming with Doeby…

Filming with Doeby is a treat! He’s always cracking jokes or talking about food. Haha! He’s the man, though. No matter if you’re stressing something, he’s super motivating. I was stoked I was able to work with him because he is so good at what he does. Hopefully he makes it up to Canada soon. I know he wants to try some Canadian syrup and poutine.

How is life back in Canada?

It’s still cold. I went skiing the other day! Haha. Winter is sticking around little longer then usual, but it’s all good. Just chillin’ with all the homies from back home and waiting on the summer weather.

Is another California trip on your horizon?

Absolutely! The lifestyle out there is addicting. Right now, I’m planning to get out to California again next winter. The Canadian summer is too beautiful to miss out on!

What’s next for you?

Just trying to ride as much as possible. Going to start working on some new projects once all the snow melts up here. Also trying to move to Toronto, so that’ll keep me busy for a little bit.

Anything you’d like to add?

I just want to give a huge thanks OGCBMX for helping me get out to San Diego, Federal and Éclat for always keeping my bike fresh and rolling smooth, Vans for the freshest kicks, Mike Gray for his amazing hospitality and showing me around for the time I was out there, Doeby for making this video happen, and you guys at Vital for the feature!

For more from Ryan Eles, follow him on Instagram.

Credit: Doeby
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