One more rider shows you what he got and now we are left with three!

Credit: Glenn PP Milligan
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  • Barspinner

    2/27/2007 12:41 PM

    It might be irrelevant whos money it is , It just goes to show you how Haro runs there bussiness, wich is based on image and not contest results Mr england haro

  • mistah fabbulous

    2/27/2007 9:56 AM

    i am really mad that marcos left they eliminated him because tooker is gonna win

    he rides with them everyday and this is just a way for him to steal someone elses glory

    yeah if he wins that will be a sad day

    for all

  • AndyFitz

    2/27/2007 4:11 AM

    marcos rules.

  • chunchulis

    2/26/2007 8:59 PM

    tony will win! he is the best! he will be at the haro becose the team needs one wery tehnical rider! and the stile thet he rides is fucking awsome!!!

  • ridindreams

    2/26/2007 9:55 AM

    marcos torres needs to be witnessed in person, to truly appreciate, dialed, tech, rides with so much power and faster than you think...seriously everyone who was in the top 10 should be a pro for someone.

  • kylecarlson

    2/26/2007 9:17 AM

    marcos torres is legit......... watch that manual to feeble again.

  • nirve

    2/26/2007 8:27 AM

    tooker will win. he deserves to win anyways. he's got so much talent to not win.

  • Barspinner

    2/26/2007 6:27 AM

    hmmm yeahhh umm did they sell Crystal Balls before this thing started i looked into 1 before it did. Anyways Next round they should unleash those crazy mexican the las pinas that had the sick ass dirt jumping video. By the way is this Luke Parslows money the guy who 2nd overall for haro in dirt last year or money they had from Mirra leaving

  • Dennis Enarson

    2/26/2007 6:08 AM

    ya marcos!! i love that guy!!

  • lollos1991

    2/26/2007 4:39 AM

    I like Markus Tooker but Tony Watkinson do the best table in the world!

  • jose aka pedro

    2/26/2007 4:16 AM

    ok so marcos torres is out.and tooker is still in.like i said in the previos video.

  • sparks

    2/26/2007 4:08 AM

    marcos was going full speed almost the entire time he was there. also a treat to ride with, and to hang out with also. these guys really were top notch.