X Games 13 Highlights 34

Great riding from X Games 13. If you have video or photos from X Games 13, upload them to Vital BMX today.

Credit: Losey
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  • stevo425fbm

    8/6/2007 4:54 PM

    i agree thatit was dhers turn to win cranmer just didnt have the better run..plus dhers titty twister turnbar thing is nuts

  • wethepeoplebmx39

    8/6/2007 4:27 PM

    daniel is the shit, hes so clean and does the bets looking tricks, and 1st off scotty did frontflip and it was sketchy, daniel has forntflips on lockdown and could ahve frontfliped the spine 100 times perfectly but didnt even have to..

  • jorgelin

    8/6/2007 3:12 PM

    garret and daniel dhers the shit best ever

  • Floater McGavin

    8/6/2007 3:03 PM

    wheres anthonys backflip doublewhip on the mega ramp one of the best tricks of the whole xgayms he should've won that shit

  • Patrick SJ

    8/6/2007 12:55 PM

    i can decide which stands out more: Bestwick or McCann's bike, Cooke's helmet or Zach Warden in general

  • Chase Davidson

    8/6/2007 11:45 AM

    first off i wanna say, no tailwhip is ugly, if they have enough skill to get it under and land clean then it counts....i have tons of respect for scotty cranmer but it was Dhers time to take X games 13... Their only out there to have a goodtime, im pretty sure no one goes home crying cause they lost...

  • Naja

    8/6/2007 11:37 AM

    to check out simons back to back 900 go on bmxonline.com

  • homesickle

    8/6/2007 11:13 AM

    hey bmx ryan- cranmer DID land it in his 2nd run...

    anyways where was the back to back 900's from tabron? where was spinner in that video?

    oh and is dhers on mirraco now?

  • tomcat1

    8/6/2007 10:45 AM

    dude the guy in front of me is right scotty is the shit.......dhers has the ugly t-whips

  • bmx ryan

    8/6/2007 10:30 AM

    haha wtf daniel dhers unbeatable HE IS NO WERE NEAR AS GOOD AS CRANMER ... 2bf if cranmer landed taht fronti over that spine he would have won twice in a row

  • jaxbmxr22

    8/6/2007 10:18 AM

    holy shit daniel dhers is the fuckin man

  • dadlovesbmx

    8/6/2007 9:55 AM

    why didnt garrett reynolds have your respect before? that kid is amazing. so is dennis, how do these kids get so good so young?

  • Adam Wilson

    8/6/2007 9:21 AM

    Wow. Garrett Reynolds now has my respect.

  • demolition_derby

    8/6/2007 8:55 AM

    daniel dhers is unbeatable!!

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