Zack Warden - Bikeflips 12

Zack Warden didn't invent the bikeflip, but it's common knowledge that he's taken the trick far beyond what anyone else has even attempted. Bikeflip airs on vert ramps and backflip bikeflips over mega ramps prove that this trick belongs to Zack. We hit Zack with a few questions about this trick. Check out what he had to say -
What influenced you to begin working with bikeflips? The two main influences that got me hooked on bikeflips were Nate Wessel and Morgan Wade. Wessel was trying bikeflip airs on the vert resi the first year I went to Woodward. I was so pumped to see a rider I looked up to as a street rider pushing the limits and trying something new on a vert ramp of all places. Then, Morgan Wade learned them and started doing them on everything around the time of Drop The Hammer. I knew it was a trick I really wanted to learn.
Where did you pull your first bikeflip? The first time I pulled a bikeflip was on a step up hip we had at Rampriders Skatepark. It was a few years after Morgan started doing them.
What bikeflip combos do you have under your belt? I can do bikeflip to indian air seat grab and 360 bikeflips pretty consistent on a good jump. If I'm feeling good on a jump, I'll occasionally send a backflip bikeflip. That trick is a hail mary - it could go right or it could go wrong; there's really no telling. Bikeflips are one of those tricks that are almost never consistent, which is one reason I like them so much.
What's your favorite setup for bikeflips? I'm most consistent on a six foot box. The bigger the jump the better is usually feels.
Any future plans with bikeflips? I don't have any set plans. I'd like to see where else they're doable and what you can do to it, but I just like to ride on a daily basis and see what happens.

Credit: Ryan Galvan
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