Zack Warden's Figure 8 Trail Jam


Figure 8 is a dirt jumping spot in St. Louis, Missouri that has been running for nearly twenty years. It's ran as a non-profit organization under the city's blessing. Figure 8 features something for every level of rider, from beginner to pro. It's an awesome place.


Every year, there's a jam at Figure 8 to raise funds to keep the trails rollin'. The money goes toward everything from shovels, to watering equipment, to bobcat maintenance. Zack Warden took charge of the jam for 2015 and had support from his sponsors - Hoffman, Fox, and Monster - to make it happen.


The JTM (short for Jimmy Turner Memorial) award is a tribute to Jimmy Turner - a St. Louis-based rider who passed away in 2011. Jimmy was a beast who went full throttle at absolutely everything he did. If you look back at footage of him riding, you'll see his skills were far ahead of his time. The JTM award goes to the rider who most embodies what Jimmy was all about. 19-year-old Landon Gideon took home the honor and the prize pack that went along with it.


I threw down $100 for a completely impromptu best trick jam. Zack Warden landed a perfect 360 bikeflip and took the win. However, Zack - being the gentleman that he is - refused to keep the prize money and passed it onto Alex Rode, who landed numerous bangers in the jam.


If you're ever in St. Louis, stop by Figure 8 for a session. The address is 4300 Hoffmeister Ave. Bring your helmet and be ready for a good time.

Credit: ​Vital BMX
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