3 manuals with Cory Jarman 24

Cory rides the parker park 39 days after knee surgery.

Credit: Dylan Pfohl
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  • mtbunity

    9/29/2010 6:16 PM

    who cares if you ride it like that. Nice Cory

  • BmXico

    9/24/2010 12:53 AM

    hahha whatchu got AJ. i love these guys

  • joelalamo45

    9/19/2010 7:14 PM

    bmxdaddy is a bad mofo on two wheels... if you doubt that check homeboys profile. Sick rider for sure. I just didn't like him raggin on my boy Cory's frame. That's all.

  • hahaman999

    9/19/2010 10:40 AM

    wow fuck all you pussy ass shit talkers

  • bmxdaddy3

    9/19/2010 1:53 AM

    poser? hahaah wtf man! u are fucking clueless! come to vegas and ill show u who a poser is! u fucking retard!

  • Cory Jarman

    9/17/2010 10:39 PM

    that trip home was a good time, I miss colorado. Me and AJ were supposed to film but he's a busy man. next time AJ for sure

  • MarcusV

    9/16/2010 9:17 AM

    have you taken your training wheels off your bike yet? And why did you get your posts off here? Are you afraid of Cory Kickin' your ass 'cause you said his signature frame is gay? Now who's the fag? Have some balls dude. Riding is attitude and not bla bla bla. So again shut up. This is a site for bike riders, not for posers.

  • bmxdaddy3

    9/15/2010 7:34 PM

    well first off i showed you up on ur weak nothing pic! ahahahahahaha enough said!

  • bmxdaddy3

    9/15/2010 7:31 PM

    ahahahahaha! what a fag, seriously!

  • MarcusV

    9/15/2010 6:41 PM

    Gee guys, let's stop picking on bmxdaddy or he'll call his mum. Oh how do you plan to show us how to ride a bike? I think you need your bottle.... and SHUT UP!!

  • ScottP

    9/15/2010 2:52 AM

    Bryan Young is my hero! Shredder for sure

  • bmxdaddy3

    9/14/2010 10:58 PM

    Whatevs, you guys are jokes! ill show u and him how to ride a bike...

  • tothemax

    9/14/2010 10:07 PM

    shut up bmxdaddy ur just mad that marcusv just showed u up

  • Balladromik

    9/14/2010 9:27 PM

    word to benpiff

  • joelalamo45

    9/14/2010 7:49 PM

    so who cares if his frame is low as fuck? maybe he should have made it exactly like every other f'ing bmx frame out there. Jeez, Black Eye gave him a frame and he designed it how he likes. He hop-whips EVERYTHING, so a low slung frame makes sense for him. Don't like it, don't buy it. But ragging on a guy's signature frame because you don't like how it looks? c'mon people... bmx is turning into a shit show.

  • MarcusV

    9/14/2010 7:33 PM

    In the past muscle cars were the thing to drive... but cars have changed, and a muscle car is not a real world car now anymore, though it's great to drive one. I myself have an opinion too, and if you're driving your muscle and see me comin' get out of my fucking way, 'cause my 2.0 liter turbo fuel injected front wheel drive "new" car with 500hp will kick your ass and run over you... and still get 25 miles to the gallon. I guess bikes evolve too. You aren't riding a Haro sport or a GT performer, are you? Well,like I said fuck opinions. Ride what you like, shut up, and if you were making money in the process, I garantee, you'd ride anything. Oh, I ride a 2-hip aluminium Pork frame and my seatpost is about 5" high. What's your very insightful opinion bmxdaddy3? Oh shit I just told you to shut up...

  • MarcusV

    9/14/2010 6:51 PM

    I met Cory when he came to Brazil in '03 with RonW when he was riding for 2-hip. I picked him up at the airport and he had to put his bike together. He needed an allen wrench I didn't have so we went to my friend's machining shop. After fixing his bike, Cory did three barspin bunnyhops and asked my friend if he wanted to see a cool trick. And he did a tailwhip bunnyhop. Everytime I go to my friend's shop I have to ask him if Cory did it on the same place because it's absolutely impossible to believe it was possible.What really matters, kids, is the way you do it and not on what you do it. Cory is a very talented rider, but he's not a contest superstar. I garantee if it was one of those contest super riders, everybody would be like wow, nice frame... So, two things, fuck everybody who has an opinion about whatever, 'cause Cory doesn't need it and second, Cory, get a shave.

  • joelalamo45

    9/14/2010 5:47 PM

    He's a fucking rad rider and an even cooler person... who happens to have his own signature frame. Gotta love the haters.

  • IamStolen

    9/14/2010 2:34 PM

    yea man i really hate it when people have nothing better to do than to criticize a bike frame or just about everything on someone's bike. not only did i own that frame and what criticized when my edit came out but i know cory, he is a real cool guy, before his knee surgery he was ahead of the game. so floridabmx, bmxdaddy3 and josh favrow, grow up and have fun riding your own bike.

  • Coping_High_Guy

    9/14/2010 1:20 PM

    vv i agree, this is'nt a product promotion video just be stoked that a fellow mate is back on his bike