7 year old bmxer 9

Merced,Sacramento,and Oroville-09

Credit: Amber Verduzco
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G-Bone's videos

  • bmxdude401

    2/25/2010 9:23 AM

    godd job dude your going to be even better one day i waznt that good when i was 7 years old but nice dude keep up the good wokr man wich yu good luck !!!

  • G-Bone

    7/26/2009 11:48 PM

    G-Bone says thanks for all the kind words.As for backflips and tailwhips,he just started working on tailwhips...He can do a half of one,but he has determination and he will eventually get them down.Backflips are only for foam pits right now.Being his parents,we push him,yet don't push him until he's ready for it.Thankyou for watching his video and enjoying watching him what he loves to do!You all come to Merced and ride wit him,he loves riding and meeting new people.

  • j-me

    7/14/2009 3:52 PM

    he looks like he rides wit little shauny??

  • matty_gnardeth

    7/14/2009 11:46 AM

    sick dude

  • belijj

    7/10/2009 6:20 AM

    where is backflips and spins?whips?

  • JamesRidesVerde

    7/9/2009 5:49 PM

    He's better than some ppl at my local park

  • ride hibez

    7/9/2009 2:19 AM

    he is the best rider


    6/14/2009 4:34 PM

    soooooooooooo good...

    only thing id just like to point out is that hes goofy footed when he grinds, right foot forward= pegs on right

    but w/e it doesnt matter that much

    keep the riding up, ur gunna be nasty by age 15

  • dandelbmx

    6/14/2009 6:56 AM

    yeh boi keep it up!