Alex Bodnar Self Film/Edit 5 11

my ramps have to come down by november 13 according to the association i live in. i decided to film one last session before they are gone. i hope you enjoy it. please leave you your comments. thanks.

i support and ride for Team LMNOP!

Credit: Alex Bodnar
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  • bmxerboi

    7/13/2010 3:40 PM

    i like how you took advantge of space with the ledge you flipped around as a wall ride

  • kingshawty12

    1/21/2010 5:42 PM

    its in ur back yard you should be able to keep them!

  • bmxer10

    11/29/2009 7:04 PM

    haha dude the box fell down lol
    nice riding, you got some techy tricks dude.

  • chrisbmxer96

    11/11/2009 10:43 PM

    Tht is mad i would love a mini ramp and boxes in my backyard

  • abod

    11/10/2009 5:41 PM

    thanks guys and to sharifzadeh, i live in a townhouse. so a foot beyond my mini ramp on both sides is other peoples backyards. my mini ramp is literally my whole backyard. thats all i have. and i live next to some crazy 40 year old with a 20 year old black girlfriend. so hes crazy and calls the cops on me. its sad but im planning on either putting a mini golf course or making ghetto ramps that i can take down really easy and not spend any money on. these ramps are going to my friends house so its not too bad.

    and to robbbbbbbbbbie, no i dont have any plans. but im sure they have them somewhere online.

    and to dillonbmxer, luckily ive had mine up since spring/summer of 08. so it was worth it. i learned so much back there and had alot of fun. actually, a funny story is i built the deck big enough to do footjam whips on purpose. i could never do them and i never tried them. i recently learned them and that was one of my first ones. its kind of funny that i built it that way for a trick that i did a few days before i had to take it down.

  • Dillonbmxer

    11/9/2009 5:17 PM

    i had a mini ramp in my yard . about 2 weeks after we built it, the city made us take it down.

  • Robbbbbbbbbie

    11/9/2009 12:20 PM

    hey man,
    i dont suppose you have any plans to your set up?
    if you did i really would like to know them since i'm planning a simarlar set up in my back yard.
    any information would be appreciated.

  • bigfootbmx33

    11/9/2009 6:22 AM

    ha ha awsome edit to bad you have to take it down its a great pipe


    11/8/2009 10:28 PM

    haha you were like gtfo at 1:26 when that box fell

  • sharifzadeh

    11/8/2009 9:11 PM

    why the hell do you have to tear those buties down i have a backyard setup and they dont say shit and if they did id tellem "go have a wondererful time jacking off ass wip".

  • rasta masta

    11/8/2009 6:56 PM

    That was sweet. sucks that you have to take it down it looks fun as hell!