Algis Ribikauskas - Action Village Get Flow'd contest 4

My entry for the Action Village Get Flow'd video contest.

Riding on the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Algis's videos

  • Algis

    8/17/2010 1:24 PM

    Thanks for comments There were some problems while making this video and somehow guy who edited it got only material with tailwhips. Now I have a quest to track back all other material witch was filmed

  • 08halla

    8/17/2010 1:06 PM

    master of talwips

  • BradyAndHisBike

    8/16/2010 5:08 PM

    Kick ass bunny hop down side man. Good luck!!!

  • bmxerboi

    8/16/2010 3:35 PM

    I wish i had whips on lock