Attack Of The Phone Zombies With Mike Spinner & Austin Coleman 9

The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and it's being led by ... Austin Coleman!? When Mike Spinner notices his buddy has fallen prey to a nasty case of the phone zombies, he sets him loose on an unsuspecting public with hilarious results. Don't believe us? Check out the 1:20 mark.

Credit: NetworkA

kylecarlson kylecarlson 7/24/2012 11:21 AM

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I usually hate these stupid webvids of these 2 goofs but this one was actually pretty tolerable.. Mike spinner... Pffff. Dudes a has been.. Havent seen this guy in any comps in a long while

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U guys need to chill this is funny . I ride with spinner almost every day and he is mad chill and nice. So stop hating

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no. what gives bikers a bad name are all the judgmental shit talking pricks like you. quit worrying about them and ride. then again, same goes for me as i sit here typing this instead of riding...

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