Austin Hardee Double Backflip 50

Second attempt at double flips which is one hell of a commitment. Big thanks to Mirra, without this place I wouldn't be where I am today.

Credit: Troy Hardee, Todd Meyn
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  • rossbmxs2007

    4/22/2009 1:46 AM

    You guys are prime examples of why you shouldn't be allowed to post on Video sharing sites.

    And, Sparks. Who cares if he just went off and sat down? He just pulled a trick which has claimed Stephen Murray's ability to walk, and live independently. And you're telling him to do it on a 'real' ramp? From my personal experience from riding on a resi, you could easily snap a bone on one than a normal ramp. Dave's Warehouse also doesn't have a straight box jump to do it on.

    Aus10bmx was also having fun, and pulled off a ridiculous trick. I thought BMX was about having fun, not telling people to ride 'real' ramps. So why can't he share his new trick with us? That's the idea of VitalBMX. The VitalBMX team put his video on the front page, not Aus10BMX, so why don't you directly tell VitalBMX that '1 trick resi videos' shouldn't be posted?


    Well done bro, that's impressive. Whether it's on a real jump, or a resi. It's pretty nuts, be safe and have fun.

  • KingBMXstuntshows

    4/21/2009 8:03 PM

    Austin since you now have 2 backflips can you please give Nowak one ....Good Job !!!

  • sk8rbiker

    4/19/2009 9:46 PM

    Base718rooklyn i'm not new. This is just my second profile for these kinds of things. My other ones for the nice comments ya know. Oh and i'm up to 6 now, just for you since your the one keeping track of my blog. Need an assistant ? This one might get past the fingers, and I dont want you to lose track while your untieing your shoes.

  • sk8rbiker

    4/19/2009 9:40 PM

    And go for it JonathanAllen. Make sure to put a 1 hander in the mix to.

  • sk8rbiker

    4/19/2009 9:37 PM

    Damn look what I started HAHAHHA. Ahhh man i'm satisfied with myself. I still got it lol. Sorry Sparks, missunderstood I guess. But I still think this is all funny. Someone might have started the critisizem but I think I made it sky rocket. But back to giving credit were it's deserved. Good job with the Double flip Austin! From what people say on here you're a savage so I guess we'll expect a clip soon of a double away from foam and resi ? Or will it be secretly saved ?

  • Animal3471

    4/19/2009 7:04 PM

    i thought this was a bmx website not a douche bag filled critisizing shit talkin website

  • sparks

    4/19/2009 12:40 AM


    awesome dude. you are most likely my biggest fan. <3 thanks bro

  • JonathanAllen

    4/18/2009 11:01 PM

    Can I post a video of me doing a 180 on a resi and be stoked? Or will somebody complain?

  • bmxgreg55

    4/18/2009 9:42 PM

    ummm bmxkyle6669 i dont think that every pro shares craigs hel,et dumb fuck and i actually do have craigs helmet hahahahahahaha

  • freecoaster bmx

    4/18/2009 3:03 PM

    awesome i get scared just watchin you and everyone who does those. glad youre on a resi. that trick is awesome.

  • bradfordhuckerpa

    4/18/2009 2:01 PM

    Goooood ridin that trick's hard enough to commit to even in a foam pit. makes me want to piss pants myself.

  • bradfordhuckerpa

    4/18/2009 2:01 PM

    hey dude that's bad ass you committed to the trick and finally pulled it.

  • Aus10BMX

    4/18/2009 11:06 AM

    LIVE here and RIDE here everyday. Haha, I'll just let the video speak for it's self, I'm done talking.

  • The Poser List

    4/18/2009 10:22 AM

    F^*k Sparks! This dude has always been a sh8t talker, that's why no companies want to deal with his dumbass! Someone posts a clip, then guaranteed, Sparks is either gonna talk sh8t or tell you how he already did it. Get over it Matt! No one gives a sh8t about your cracked out, drug infested, dumbass. Have you cleaned yourself up yet? Doesn't seem like it. How's that for giving you some props? You might be THE biggest douchebag in the sport. I'm sure you might be the only one to argue that, but whatever. By the way, your body varials at JoMo really backed up your sh8t talking after you felt you needed to open your mouth about the Chris Hughes web post. Way to stick your foot in your big mouth once again. We know you don't have anything nice to say, so keep your mouth shut. Go practice your body varials you jealous jerkoff, so the next time someone posts the trick, you have some credibility when you run your mouth.....Fagg8t! And Sparks, now you won't have to explain yourself. I did it for you.

  • sparks

    4/18/2009 8:44 AM

    -----YOU dont have to explain yourself, but are you a local or a visitor down there?

  • Aus10BMX

    4/18/2009 5:20 AM

    First off I doubt many people in the world would even attempt that trick at all, much less without a foam pitt or resi, cause it is gnarly...

    Honestly I think you can get hurt worse on resi with certain tricks, this being one.

    But I shouldn't have to explain myself SPARKS, and I understand where your coming from, but there isn't a box jump in that place your going to wanna do your first double flip on.

    I always do my shit for real, not gonna go find the closest "real ramp" and huck a double on it. Just be patient.

  • sparks

    4/18/2009 1:55 AM

    whoa! you guys took that wayyyyyyy the wrong way. i said its dope, and double flips are DEFINITELY super gnarly, im talking about resi videos period. on top of that, the facility to be doing them on real ramps, side to side with resi's. daves place is super super good, i dont see why he just didnt do it for real right after that. for all i know he could of and is sitting on the video till then, point being -- im only offering positive encouragement. whys everyone SO negative about everything?

  • AustinColeman

    4/18/2009 1:05 AM

    i agree with the last two, just shut the fuck up! sk8rFAG

  • oreo

    4/18/2009 1:03 AM

    ^ word, put up then shut up

  • Base718rooklyn

    4/18/2009 12:53 AM

    it's obviuos your a new member to this website sk8rbiker cuz its pretty fuckin whack to post 3 comments on one vid especially when involves 4 paragraphs even this shits too long noone wants to read your blog

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