BMX Allen Johnson 8

I like makin vids and i luv biking so i came out with this- Hope u like....

Credit: Everybody that helped record and all the ppl that i may hav pissed off!!
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  • icedbmx

    12/29/2008 10:09 AM

    We dont need to see your skinny-pack, and lol, you have mexican bars

  • hbrider995

    12/26/2008 6:26 PM

    that footplant whip was sick

  • easternwheels

    12/23/2008 9:43 AM

    your bars are out really far forward....


    12/22/2008 9:09 PM

    Ya im just gettin the no handers

  • fitrider08

    12/22/2008 6:55 AM

    no need for the gay pic at the start nice manuals on the box!

    tuck ya no handers in and leane over they look 100 times better!!

  • rep 70tre

    12/21/2008 9:31 PM

    yeah bro set the bars in your lap,, and thats eminem from 8 mile

  • Mr.bmx101

    12/21/2008 8:14 PM

    tuck your bars in on your no handers

  • ty14

    12/21/2008 7:09 PM

    what song is this mate