BMX Legend Dennis McCoy Disobeys Doctors Orders on Free Lunch 2

Dennis McCoy is a BMX legend and good friend of ours. We know it ain't skate, but we never pass up the chance for lunch with a great storyteller! Don't hate, appreciate!
In this episode, Dennis breaks a window, denies a role in Rad, witnesses a poo bombing and more!

Sit down with your favorite pro skaters every Wednesday to hear their all-time favorite stories on Free Lunch! Additionally, we will be re-uploading Free Lunch episodes from previous seasons every Sunday!

Credit: RideChannel
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    6/28/2012 8:09 AM

    No matter how many times I hear the Brigade stories they still make me laugh, and seeing Dennis druged is pretty rare and hilarious as well!

  • joelalamo45

    6/27/2012 6:24 PM

    Thorne told me the cement pipe story about 15 years ago... funny shit