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Credit: grundy
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gtbmxjake's videos

  • Siniestriniwini

    6/23/2008 7:41 PM

    checkout Chihuahua BMX:

  • bmxaddict

    6/20/2008 5:45 PM

    the guy on the smurf bike was good too.... you better put me back in your top now haha!

  • bmxaddict

    6/16/2008 8:45 PM

    i thought the guy on the black bike was pretty good.

  • nick whitt

    6/16/2008 6:36 PM

    ok uhmmmm.......that sucked

  • Rayquad

    6/16/2008 5:20 PM

    hey diamondbackrider, go be rascist some where else.I don't even think the guy is blak. decent riding. alot better than me.

  • diamondbackrider

    6/16/2008 1:26 PM

    ur a nigga get some moves u suck ass go pick me some cotton

  • swwyobmx

    6/16/2008 12:38 PM

    yea it was... actually thats the only thing i like about the video

    *tip* next time, dont make the opening scene someone riding down a 3 set..... thats what ruined it for me

  • TreeHOTS

    6/15/2008 11:17 PM

    ok the worm was really funny