Backflip 6

Sketchy second one. The first was cleaner but camera died.

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Olly Rendle's videos

  • Olly Rendle

    2/18/2010 5:22 AM

    thanks for the advice, wish i could get down to corby more and try them over and over. i turned 15 the day before i went there.

  • davidbirkin1988

    2/8/2010 6:00 AM

    You stopped looking for your landing when you got upside down which is why this is sketchy... Keep looking for your landing or pull back a little harder and you'll get them dialled!

    Props Though Mate!

  • j-me

    2/7/2010 8:28 PM

    wow that was scary, but props!

  • oldskool997

    2/7/2010 7:24 PM

    that was pretty cool


    2/7/2010 7:02 AM

    I want flips. . .

  • animalownd

    2/7/2010 5:51 AM

    how old are you?