Bas Keep <i>Quarter Master</i> 8

Incredible is a word I would use to describe what I've just witnessed while watching this video. Bas Keep teams up with Red Bull to built a giant dirt quarter setup and sessions it with Ben Hennon and Ruben Alacantara. Make sure you watch this today!

Credit: Red Bull

ChrisWilmshurst ChrisWilmshurst 10/25/2013 6:00 AM

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This looks so fun. Id like to ride this although it probably looks bigger in person (deadly). As for the video Slow-mo always has and always will suck, fire the editor.

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Quarter master???? Seen bigger quarter airs in a tiny ass skatepark. I don't know about all that. If he's the quarter master than I'm the pimp master. Redbullshit

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Just look at that profile picture, this douche rides a mountain bike!!! If you're going to talk shit on a website at least be part of what its about; you might as well ride a scooter.

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the only thing bigger than those air's is your over inflated ego. get it in check. you sound like, and probably are, a moron.

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Yeah you're right, he only gets like 25+ feet out of the quarter.... after rolling in on an (at least) 100ft tall roll in that probably wasnt the smoothest thing in the world. And also after airing out of a 50ft dirt quarter at mach 10. Hauling ass. 95% of the people on this site wouldnt even go down the roll-in im sure. It's a lot bigger than you think buddy.

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