Before New Year 24

at home

Credit: bmx
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    2/20/2009 9:00 AM

    that was awesome. cant wait 4 u to make a vid of u riding outside

  • shertownrider

    1/26/2009 7:16 PM

    why the fucks everone gotta hate im shure it wuz cold as hell outside and he wuz bord as hell and istead of settin here watchin videos like the rest of us he made a vid

  • Rhys

    1/8/2009 2:38 AM

    your the biggest fag i no making a vid ov your self on the ground thats stupid your dick head

  • shunGcrew

    1/6/2009 10:31 AM

    i can do 5x whips on my back

  • j-me

    1/4/2009 3:00 PM

    haahahahaha that was funny to whatch =), now come now guys u all no u do that at home


    1/4/2009 2:05 PM

    new style of riding! cant wait to try it!!@!@!@!@!@

  • JAK3

    1/3/2009 9:53 PM

    looks like u dont even ride u just do tha all day and hope to go pro like that hahaha got outside and ride like that but close on the bunny hop whip

  • Dan.A bmx

    1/3/2009 3:24 AM

    omg u guys have talant !!!

  • FiVE-oNe-51

    1/3/2009 2:00 AM

    dude! why is everyone hating on him me and my mates play pig all the time like this its just him having some fun i thought it was rad i bet half of you would die trying those tricks like that props to you man i loved it

  • jakebmxxx

    1/3/2009 1:18 AM

    do you like the greengrosers

  • Heno1

    1/3/2009 12:10 AM

    this is wat happens when you have no friends=)lol

  • johnnybmx

    1/2/2009 1:13 PM

    dudes...the guy was freezin his balls off outside(just like me) so he decided to "ride" his bike nontheless(unlike me, whos sitting around, drinkin eggnog and watchin fun videos)...props man, looks like fun:D:D

  • matebmx99

    1/2/2009 1:10 PM

    hehe nemrossz:D BÚÉK

  • DD33^_^

    1/2/2009 12:37 PM


  • fitrider08

    1/2/2009 9:47 AM


  • rep 70tre

    1/2/2009 8:57 AM

    get a girlfriend or go ride bro,, that shts weak

  • a Justin

    1/2/2009 8:41 AM

    no comment

  • paRion138

    1/1/2009 11:08 PM

    you are the future of im playin it was intertaning to watch

  • peoplethewe

    1/1/2009 10:35 PM

    now put a video of you doing that stuff over jumps

  • bigd021191

    1/1/2009 10:01 PM

    no comment