Between the Barends Vol. 1

Over the last year it was decided we would make a huge mixtape including clips from all of The Barend Guy's team riders and a ton of close friends. Personally for me this video includes some of not only my best friends, favorite riders, but also a few heros of mine. That being said please sit back and enjoy 12 mins of BMX riding of every variety! Thank you for watching and as always "Never Leave your Hole Exposed"

Filmed by - A ton of people
Edited by - Cody Dixon

Songs in order of play
"Hip to be square" - Huey Lewis and the News
"Stand by me" - Pennywise
"She's a beauty" - The Tubes

Thank you to everyone who supports this small company, thank you to each rider in this video for putting up with my requests for clips, and making those I filmed refilm countless things; if you didn't get a chance to get clips in, volume 2 is on the horizon and lastly thank you to Nowear BMX and Mudslingers bike shop!

Riders in order

The Barend Guy Team Sections
Raima Hinkley
Jess Grinager
Cody Workman
Vince Smith
Karl Hinkley
Nick Smith
Gage Sharp
Cody Dixon

Friends Section
Brian Horecky
Marc Buhl
Cameron Chaffin
Devin Theel
Jr Kumm
Lucas Lage
Chris Kobes
Dan "Danimal" Nielson
Vinnie Devera
Damien Clark
Ian Finney
Colin Ladd
Brant Moore
Kipp Davis
Logan Higgenbotham
Jerome Miller
The Habo
Patrick Kelly
Steve Cuesta
Ben Paulson
Riley Sims
Cole Mason
Seth Svoboda
Jacob Thiem
Joe Nix
Dave Mahoney
Sam Bussell

Credit: Countless People
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