Boneless to footjam 5

I know Ondra slez did this but he did the footjam with the same foot he did the Boneless with. I switch feet in between the boneless and footjam.
Its probably been done Im just curious

Credit: Me and curtis
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  • smsmitty

    11/3/2010 6:44 PM

    ohhh my bad ass im guna try those

  • Jaron_Alpen

    11/3/2010 2:43 AM

    thats steeeeeezy

  • loganridesbikes

    11/2/2010 5:51 PM

    Not necessarily. Boneless is when you pop off your foot into the air. fast plant is like, lame haha. Not arguing just saying how ive heard it over the years

  • Darkvincee

    11/2/2010 1:15 PM

    Thats ill Logan... Hey when you coming back to maine?

  • bmxguitar5

    11/2/2010 8:08 AM

    people have done i before, but typically you put your "boneless" foot on the face of the coping. Its like a fastplant footjam