Bunnyhop Backflip (Bunnyflip) Harry Main 20

Here Harry Main shows you a bunnyflip into a box landing! check it out!! filmed by ryan cunliffe!


check it out!

Credit: Harry Main
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  • ReaperRider21

    12/15/2011 7:28 AM

    W!!!!!! T!!!!!!!!!!! F!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bazzalinko

    12/15/2011 12:43 AM

    i can guarantee any payin out on this cant dont what he is doing, if he does it first, he can call it what he wants. Haters gonna hate

  • patto_15

    12/15/2011 12:31 AM

    I'd go as far as saying its like a dumped 3 / corked back flip... at the point that no one really knows which one it really is... Shits fuckkkkeddd, but it is so similar to his 'flair' drop in's which are essentially nearly the same, just on bigger stuff..

  • grind

    12/14/2011 6:04 PM

    This is why you know Harry Main will never have a full video part, and why no one will remember most of what he's ever done.

  • Tom_Mcguire

    12/14/2011 4:31 PM

    song? but harry main is putting out better stuff everytime, keep it coming !

  • Jimmy2227

    12/14/2011 3:48 PM


  • Sickstickmin

    12/14/2011 1:04 PM

    It’s about fucking time! The Dave Mirra video game promised the hop BF before the hop whip. Harry might have been better off dialing the BF in down stairs to intensify the filled britches factor. Regardless, he could have done this down a three or four stair on the next clip.

  • jimonbike

    12/14/2011 9:34 AM

    wow on the trick and wow that people are hating on it because its not a perfect flip lol ok guys what can you do from a hop ........

  • hillsterr-

    12/14/2011 7:30 AM

    thats the dogs balls!

  • Tkemp132666

    12/14/2011 6:18 AM

    Taking impossible to possible

  • minimirra

    12/14/2011 4:55 AM

    sickkkkkk props to harry !!!

  • macky

    12/14/2011 4:34 AM

    watch it... he rolls up to it pretty much straight & lands it pretty much straight! This is fuckin Amazin!

  • Girls_and_bikes

    12/13/2011 8:05 PM

    thankyou Effting. dipshit over here thinks he rolled of grand canyone and just leaned back.lol no its still a hop. and amazing Harry.

  • Cody3

    12/13/2011 7:31 PM

    He should perfect it, and throw it off stairs. That would be ill.

  • Effting

    12/13/2011 7:12 PM

    So if someone hops a stair set its not a bunny hop barspin? Then what is it 26chris?

  • Arri

    12/13/2011 7:09 PM

    How is this not a bunnyhop flip ? bunnyhop doesnt really mean its on flatground ? ...

  • 26Chris

    12/13/2011 7:07 PM

    Into bank does not count as a bunnyhop flip, still amazing that he pulled it but NOT a bunnyhop flip

  • ride101

    12/13/2011 6:18 PM

    Kinnda a weird barrel roll thing

  • BJ Tomczik

    12/13/2011 5:22 PM

    i love harry main

  • Fetish

    12/13/2011 4:15 PM

    This is his flair drop in.