Bunnyhop footjam, and barspin 15

barspin is new tell me wut u think...i kno i need to hop higher but other then that wuts wrong wit them..?

Credit: wasian
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  • bmx1slife

    7/4/2008 3:34 PM

    lets see wats wrong..just about everything...use that tip and stay fat

  • Siniestriniwini

    6/23/2008 7:40 PM

    checkout Chihuahua BMX:

  • dean rides bikes

    6/20/2008 10:10 AM

    i actually liked it.

  • Alex ♥

    6/19/2008 5:17 PM

    The barspin was awesome dude
    take the jam to a quarter

  • $tay Fly

    6/18/2008 10:03 AM

    ok i will stay fat.....

  • a Justin

    6/18/2008 2:28 AM

    just stay fat

  • $tay Fly

    6/18/2008 12:19 AM

    ok for one fuck both of u.i wasnt makin fun of them i was just tellin himto hop higher and to go faster and to grow balls and throw them and mine are way fuckin cleaner and i catch them when the come back straight not at the side them pull them straight so shut fuck up both of u.....cause u dont kno wut ur tlkin about.

  • kink bmx

    6/17/2008 8:03 PM

    And you made fun of sundaybmxrr's barspins!


    6/17/2008 7:17 PM

    and that bird call wuz fuckin retarded

  • a Justin

    6/17/2008 3:43 PM

    stay fat

  • $tay Fly

    6/17/2008 10:19 AM

    no it was in a vid but i wanted to see wut people thought

  • bmxchris256

    6/17/2008 9:28 AM

    dident you already post this along time ago???

  • a Justin

    6/17/2008 3:23 AM

    stay FAT

  • odsy

    6/17/2008 2:46 AM

    Nice effort same as above and they will be mint

  • Ross Bane

    6/16/2008 9:59 PM

    that kids bird call is awesome!lol nices bs just hop high level out knees stright and throw fast!

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