Chocolate Truck Promo 7

Promo for the newest LtownBrown video by Matt Miller
Riding from Joe Niranonta, Ryan Niranonta, Herman McCracken, Kevin Vannauker, Matt Miller, Nick "Ratty" Devlin, Nick Barrett, Ryan Mohn, Carl Brown, JJ Palmere and many more

Credit: Matty Miller and LTOWNBROWN
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Matt Miller's videos

  • g-dub

    8/29/2010 4:43 PM

    these guys gave me hella inspiration from there first videos on google videos

  • Bikershane010

    6/13/2010 4:45 PM

    Cant Stop L-Town mutha fukers

  • Dmarshall

    6/3/2009 9:44 PM

    soooo sick. awesome riding and editing

  • RenDinoSV

    6/3/2009 2:50 PM

    sick much style

  • BMX-is-FUN

    6/3/2009 9:28 AM

    Joe Niranonta has a dialed manuel style

  • wtpenvy

    6/3/2009 8:53 AM

    that was sick...shredding

  • JustRideBMX

    6/3/2009 8:12 AM