Couple Days Of Riding 16

Featuring: Ranzani,Boyle,Shorby,Delly,Dylan,Berky, and Seth

Credit: Kunta Kintay
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  • Cole61

    7/27/2008 12:06 PM


  • fitrider32

    7/24/2008 9:51 PM

    newsflash fucktard!!!!

  • fitrider32

    7/24/2008 8:22 PM

    haha abrohs just about everyone could do better. and it doesnt count as a dam 360 enless both tires hit same time

  • wombolt360

    7/23/2008 9:43 PM

    you think you ride good street but you really don't and do you see what i mean your still bitching at people because we all agree against you get over man and just let it go

  • abrohs

    7/23/2008 2:42 PM

    it wasn't a 200 pivot its called a fucken 360. It was sketchy but who fucken cares I don't see any of you doing anything better.

  • alig23

    7/23/2008 11:44 AM

    talk someone

  • alig23

    7/23/2008 11:43 AM

    i win iv gust come out of hospital
    lol i fell of on a half pipe and smashed my head

  • alig23

    7/23/2008 11:41 AM

    get a life abrohs get a long with people wombolt360 is right

  • eat-sleep-ride

    7/23/2008 10:33 AM

    wut he said^^^

  • wombolt360

    7/23/2008 10:24 AM

    abrohs you need to stop getting on everyones shit because they make sarcastic coments about your videos its not everyone elses problem that you put stupid ass tricks like the 200 pivot on here and people say something about it just back off peoples shit man and get along with everyone

  • abrohs

    7/23/2008 7:02 AM

    umm... he his tires landed on the ground dumbass.

  • fitrider32

    7/22/2008 9:49 PM


  • fitrider32

    7/22/2008 7:47 PM

    holy crap how did he land that, it was like 200 pivot

  • BikerBrandon

    7/22/2008 6:01 PM


  • nsaynebmx

    7/22/2008 5:31 PM

    first haha...that was a nasty fall....good thing fer hair haha

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