Courage Adams - Canarias Cruising 1

Fresh footage of Courage Adams taking on the island of Gran Canaria to promote his 2017 signature Geo frame from Fly Bikes. From burly moves to insanely technical lines, this vid doesn't disappoint in the slightest bit. Watch it!

Credit: Fly Bikes / Javi Castilla
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  • flatlandbro

    2/7/2017 4:55 PM

    Dude! That hop barspin manuel down the ledge to feeble grind 360 to maule hop up the stair case while doing a manuel to tailwhip down a stair case is one of the reasons Courage Adams is one of the top street riders in the game. He extends his tricks into ridiculous lines that rivals Chad kerly's (forgot how to spell his last name). I would love to see a game of bike between Garrett Reynolds and Courage Adams!