DVX woodward west montage 13

last week of woodward i got my new camera (dvx100a) so this is what i filmed and edited
let me know what you think

EDIT: its supposed to be widescreen 16:9 but vital uploaded it wierd
heres the vimeo version

Credit: chris riesner & Panasonics DVX100a
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chrisfoto's videos

  • chrisfoto

    9/19/2008 4:22 PM

    thanks guys, for all the kind words
    i appreciate it.
    video was edited using final cut pro and the titles were done with after affects, first time using AE haha just messing around..

  • freecoaster bmx

    9/15/2008 1:17 PM

    i love your riding and wow that camera can capture the magic. woodward must pay well cause man beauty is expensive. great riding.

  • peoplethewe

    9/12/2008 4:58 PM

    WOW. i dont even know what to say. that was nuts

  • beno

    9/9/2008 1:25 PM

    this is on rides site

  • CrazyCroation

    9/9/2008 4:35 AM

    sick filming but spice it up with a good song like THE Ballad Of john and Yoko by the beatles

  • chrisridessbicycles

    9/8/2008 11:07 AM

    clean dude the 16:9 version is wayyyyy better though
    keep up the good work!

  • goridebrakeless

    9/8/2008 10:58 AM


  • bmxchris256

    9/8/2008 10:40 AM

    everything in that video was sick the filming, riding, editing....wish i could ride woodward west looks like a fun place to ride

  • alex08

    9/8/2008 5:53 AM

    hey i was at woodward that week.week 10?yeaaa sickk ben was my instructer.

  • pedalpower

    9/8/2008 5:24 AM

    yer realy good edit man can i ask you waht movie maker you use

  • reece kirby bmx

    9/8/2008 4:41 AM

    good vid nice filming

  • fitflow

    9/8/2008 3:23 AM

    you definetly have a lot of talented

  • a Justin

    9/8/2008 2:06 AM

    orlly nice vd