Daniel Sandoval - No Handed Frontflip Flair 9

Daniel was talking about wanting to do this last weekend, but I didn't expect to see it so soon. Yeah, it's on a resi, but pay attention to the fact that it's perfect and completely nuts.

Credit: Daniel Sandoval
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  • Eddy D

    11/19/2013 3:07 PM

    The act of going up and coming back in the direction you came from is a 180. Add a front flip and I see front flip flair with no hands. A barrel roll would be do the barrel roll/traveling from one side of a box or spine to the opposite side. Thats the difference.

  • Prosuperstar5

    11/19/2013 4:37 PM

    I'm fucking 34 yrs old! I don't have time for this shit over a damn comment! What the fuck! I see him air about 90* nose dive then side flip cork screw barrel roll whatever you kids wanna call it, I did not see the back wheel go far enough forward when he was nose diving to complete a front flip cause he started rotating sideways That's all and that's just me, now let me get some damn sleep without these vitalbmx notifications

  • Prosuperstar5

    11/15/2013 4:26 PM

    Alls I'm saying is to me the name doesn't fit

  • LorenzoGallegos

    11/15/2013 2:04 PM

    So clean.

  • Prosuperstar5

    11/15/2013 1:28 PM

    Who decided on the name? That just looks like a nose dive barrel roll

  • A BMXicle Rider

    11/15/2013 3:52 PM

    It's a front flip air; nothing barrel roll about it.

  • Prosuperstar5

    11/15/2013 4:25 PM

    I see him 1. Air 2. Nosedive 3. Barrel Roll, never saw a full front flip like a backflip in a regular flair, oughta try to air/180 then frontflip

  • J-doggybmx14

    11/15/2013 9:01 PM

    You must be on drugs. It looks identical to any other Front Flair. He just didn't travel as far as most do. Any other Front Flair looks like this, minus the no-hander. You also must be on drugs if you think flairs look like backflip to 180's. Very few people flair like that. He does a full frontflip with a 180, therefore the name fits.

  • Prosuperstar5

    11/15/2013 10:26 PM

    I'm just saying a regular flair you obviously see a full flip, dis ish is all nosedive corkscrew jazz, Reggies bout the only guy I've seen do a proper front flip flair #andthatsreal

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