Deltona FLorida. Chaz Bigbee 8

First vid. Bad camera. Check me out in Vital vid....Vans Orlando

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Chaz Rides Simple's videos

  • diamondbackrider

    12/18/2007 9:09 AM

    go to wal mart and buy a new lense my cam did same thing

  • Chaz Rides Simple

    12/13/2007 8:54 AM

    lol no like a 80 dollar cam.


  • ride the flow

    12/13/2007 5:06 AM

    did u film with a cellphone cam or something?... ha good riding tho

  • srbmx

    12/12/2007 4:48 PM

    dialed riding for sure. not so dialed film work..haha

  • 3PieceWillie

    12/12/2007 3:47 AM

    Dude, I totally got in your way and then you aired over me.

    So good.

  • Chaz Rides Simple

    12/11/2007 1:12 PM

    thanx man

  • diegorubeus

    12/11/2007 1:06 PM

    good video man and yes your camera is not good hehehe