Devin, Berky, & Shorby 12

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Credit: Barak Obama
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  • justridebikes

    6/25/2008 6:10 PM


  • eastern08

    6/24/2008 7:34 PM

    sweet vid. how many people ride in that town? ive seen like five videos with different people in every one.

    and everyone seems to like stalling and grinding.

  • Siniestriniwini

    6/23/2008 10:42 AM

    checkout Chihuahua BMX

  • Tom Vígh

    6/23/2008 3:00 AM

    devin is cool but Berky, & Shorby aren't too good

  • bmxican 1001

    6/22/2008 3:29 PM

    devins good

  • animalbmx4567

    6/21/2008 8:35 PM

    why can everyone from this town bunny hop high but not land a clean fakie roll back?

  • ramonbmx

    6/21/2008 10:23 AM

    nice manual

    but some of you guys go soooooo slow that you don't fucking grind those rails

    you just stall

    go faster and grind for longer time

    and some of you should practise fackies.....some 180 seem so sketchy just for fackies...

  • jessejfbmx09

    6/20/2008 10:15 PM

    wow how many kids live in that same town. i've seen 5 vids of different kids doing the same tricks in the same places

  • kink bmx

    6/20/2008 6:38 PM

    Duh! Lol

  • loyaltothegame

    6/20/2008 6:06 PM

    Thats the most retarded question i have ever heard. Ever think its because they grind on the left?? lol fool.

  • Rayquad

    6/20/2008 4:47 PM

    Nice! Why do you guys all ride with pegs on the left??

  • lil lucky lee!

    6/20/2008 4:20 PM


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