Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester) 33

We took it to the streets this time. This is Real life. And this was made for the love of the Game!

But in the End, It's Just another Day (In The Life).

Credit: 13thWitnessâ„¢
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    12/9/2009 11:34 AM

    lol no bro the vid went in rewind on dat part...sick ridin tho

  • BMXfien

    11/17/2009 3:57 PM

    what the hell nigel rides freecoasters now?

  • castie

    11/16/2009 11:23 AM

    hes cuttin his flanges off

  • element4all

    11/16/2009 11:00 AM

    what was he doin to his grips?

  • ryan, the dimetrodactyl

    11/15/2009 6:27 AM

    haha sweet edit

  • bmxerboi

    11/14/2009 4:24 PM

    now this is true street riding. nigel doesnt drive to spots he cruises through town dropping tricks wherever he feels like it. oh and sick vid

  • getskyhigh

    11/14/2009 2:10 PM

    edwin is better

  • BMX 4 Life30

    11/14/2009 8:27 AM

    Nigel is too nice!

  • FriskyPoptart

    11/13/2009 8:04 PM

    cool aid

  • freecoaster bmx

    11/13/2009 3:45 PM

    cool 70 mix with some good riding from Nigel. I like the build up.

  • ridebmxnc

    11/13/2009 2:13 PM

    more barspins in this than a garret reynolds edit...

  • keane_str_2112

    11/13/2009 1:15 PM

    Again... just goes to show why NYC is the greatest city in the world...

  • jpilot

    11/13/2009 12:59 PM

    my friend can do this and also rides park and just plain shreds, but he's not sponsored by nike and mirraco, i remember when nigel used to kill it on a bike and do some good shit not just ride in the streets.

    classics still a classic. I know you can produce better web videos than what you have been doing because your a good rider.

  • Animal3471

    11/13/2009 12:36 PM

    fuckingg siiiickk!

  • adamwinsor1

    11/13/2009 12:08 PM

    first time ive ever seen him tailwhip let alone a hop whip, but yeah he's been popping up a lot recently with his gatorade tours, this and some other stuff

  • *J.K.B*

    11/13/2009 11:32 AM

    FUcking Hell !!!!
    There all ways has to be a motherfucking hater in the crowd

    That was a sick edit, mans keeping it REAL!!! and that's what's important


    11/13/2009 11:14 AM

    damn my nigga did dat shit...ill shit

  • MarcusV

    11/13/2009 9:39 AM

    No smith grind?!?!

  • giantrider707

    11/13/2009 6:54 AM

    shwty dun dun

  • MeanDean

    11/13/2009 6:41 AM

    Sick Editing (:

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