Expert Advice? 5

somebody should tell us how paul can land his flairs

Credit: matt krumpledick
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  • naters14

    2/23/2010 3:28 PM

    haha this was i while ago cuz there has been snow on those trails since october

  • JusticeGoble

    1/26/2010 8:28 PM

    thanks guys he will be trying that real soon as soon as there is no snow on the ground

  • mattridesafbm

    1/26/2010 8:15 PM

    paul and his flairs ahaha so close

  • dpatria

    1/26/2010 4:56 PM

    yeah buddy its all on the drop shoulder and when you see that landing slam it home

  • deucedeuce540

    1/26/2010 12:21 PM

    He needs to ball up instead of extending out. Also tell him to drop his shoulder and head just a little more.