Fakie hop went wrong 12

I hit my head
pretty hard then... kinda wish i wore a helmet then

Credit: Ryan Sharp
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  • gavitron

    7/31/2008 10:07 PM

    damn that looked loike it hert to the extreme

  • coolo_rider

    7/25/2008 6:31 AM

    damn that shit hurts aye
    i knocked out my 2 front teeth the other month aye
    its fukin drilled

  • alig23

    7/25/2008 2:45 AM

    that must of hurt m8 but would of been alsome if u hade made it lol =}

  • mirra23

    7/24/2008 11:00 PM

    dammm dat shit was tight

  • peoplethewe

    7/24/2008 10:05 PM

    ive dont that before, it sucks hard

  • Papi Dan

    7/24/2008 7:37 PM

    Ay coño that must have hurt.Can't help it but think of Advil or Bayer

  • stefan is FIT

    7/24/2008 7:29 PM

    wow this is weird i just saw this vid on you tube yesterday and now u post it here...weird

  • bmx4life13579

    7/24/2008 7:12 PM

    that woulda been pretty kool if u landed it

  • berky256

    7/24/2008 12:06 PM

    damn dude

  • PolishBMXer15

    7/24/2008 7:50 AM

    haha thanks lol I only had a freecoaster for a month and thats probably the 3rd or 4th set i did, well tried im gonna get a helmet this weekend and try and find a bigger set... Bruce Crisman better watch out cuz it wont take me long to do a 13 set lol


    7/24/2008 6:51 AM

    thats huge to fakie bunny hop

  • patrick clark

    7/24/2008 1:57 AM

    ouch u full hear it wen ur head smacks the ground

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