Furmage Brother's Edit. 15

Edit of Chris Furmage and Corey Furmage. Made with old clips and leftovers.

Credit: myspace.com/furmproductions
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  • Skanimal

    1/28/2009 9:45 PM


  • Corey LOVES BMX!

    1/23/2009 4:51 PM

    Sorry bmx935.
    I don't see anything wrong with riding brakeless. I have many friends that ride brakeless. Actually, most of them are brakelsss.
    I didn't even make fun of brakeless. I just said it was trendy. I didn't say brakeless is "fucking gay" like Yamum said about my fronts.
    But the person who made fun of me for having front brakes is brakeless.
    And the majority of the people who hate on me are, brakeless.
    Since he made fun of me, I'm just supposed to let 'em get away with it? I don't think so.

  • bmx935

    1/23/2009 2:05 PM

    both sides of this is gay ppl hating on front brakes then coreylovesbmx has to make fun of brakeless i ride brakeless but i dont care wat anyone else rides its there own choice and style so pretty much UR BOTH WRONG!!! end of story

  • peoplethewe

    1/21/2009 7:55 PM

    shits so good, front brakes rule, i could never ride them for the life of me, props man. everything is great, i like all your vids

  • g-rett

    1/21/2009 7:43 PM

    i met u guys at north fontana park i think.......u killled it and this vid is hella good too

  • Ryne Sanders

    1/21/2009 3:27 PM

    good riding all around in this vid
    and this kid is a great front brake rider
    its great to see a good front brake rider cause there isnt really many that still ride front brakes...i liked watching him he is gooooood
    nice vid guys

  • Corey LOVES BMX!

    1/21/2009 12:02 AM

    Front brakes are gay?
    Thanks Yamum. You're so cool.
    Should I just go brakeless and be trendy like you?
    No thanks.

  • thatguywith2wheels

    1/20/2009 6:37 PM

    the dude wit the front brakes is like the next adam banton

  • ProFiLes

    1/20/2009 5:38 PM

    lol wht the 1st person said but nice i guess, i didnt watch it all.......

  • freecoaster bmx

    1/20/2009 3:06 PM

    nice shot at the end with stall on the fence. brakes or no brakes depends and what you ride the most and what you like. i ride mostly trails and good brakes are key! however if i only rode street i'd probably end up taking them off. rob ridge rides front brakes and i feel it safe to say everyone admires his style with brakes. with all the other kids in the world without a bike, i'm just feeling lucky to have one without a flat:-) be cool and great riding guys.

  • mmmmm trails

    1/20/2009 2:47 PM

    ^^ init yamum explain how front brakes are gay
    i want to know

  • JustRideBMX

    1/20/2009 1:41 PM

    about 10 hours ago

    rofl front brakes is just fucking gay

    your fucking gay
    he has front brakes and is amazing
    your a little brakesless bitch

  • jakebmxxx

    1/20/2009 9:19 AM

  • davo8818

    1/20/2009 6:03 AM

    they pull it off pretty good. nice style, keep it!

  • yamum

    1/20/2009 3:12 AM

    rofl front brakes is just fucking gay