Gary Meusz 33

Video I filmed and edited for my mate gary.

Song is "The Source - You got the love"

Credit: me
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  • Afro_Louis

    4/7/2010 11:00 AM

    YESS GARY end clip is BADDD

  • Clownface09

    5/4/2009 6:53 PM


  • energy doug

    4/28/2009 8:43 AM

    Amazin edit! and well good ridin

  • walterio

    4/25/2009 8:52 PM


  • we_ride_dirt

    4/25/2009 3:58 AM

    good edit
    good ridin

  • Icefox14x

    4/25/2009 12:30 AM

    you can't have too many whips and tiretaps. idk wtf people are saying. a trick is a trick, and you're obviously freaking good at it.

  • senate213

    4/24/2009 10:59 AM

    good shit, but dude like to whip way too much

  • WildEyedJoker

    4/24/2009 9:52 AM

    Awesome vid. That whip 540 tap was amazingly smooth.

  • 20inch-rider

    4/24/2009 9:10 AM

    i do believe the first indoor park is epic isnt it?
    and where is that outdoor park?
    and is the second park adrenaline alley?
    sick vid

  • Hutch.

    4/24/2009 7:44 AM

    whips galore

  • nathannnn.

    4/24/2009 1:49 AM

    good rider, good video
    wayy tooooo many whips and tyretaps
    still good

  • brian fo fo

    4/23/2009 9:32 PM

    whip whip whip whip whip whip whip whip whip and another whip

  • JSick88

    4/23/2009 7:58 PM

    the no footed can can whips r sik, their delayed haha

  • foxrider18

    4/23/2009 7:47 PM

    loved it man, I noticed in one or two clips you only had one peg. sweet!

  • brunostreet

    4/23/2009 5:21 PM

    not bad ,but you need improve you style

  • julien

    4/23/2009 4:28 PM

    more whip plz fils de putte

  • Lanky Nathan

    4/23/2009 4:14 PM

    I'm gona go learn no foot can to whips now. they look cool! and for the people who hate on the whips, yea he does alot but didnt the coment on the main page make note of that?

  • bradfordhuckerpa

    4/23/2009 3:07 PM

    "the come up"

  • bradfordhuckerpa

    4/23/2009 3:07 PM

    goood riding
    too many tailwhips ....maybe. probably new of newer to him. Bet this time next year we'll see more good ridin from him

  • bradfordhuckerpa

    4/23/2009 3:05 PM

    it was fresh. Especially the filming. whip-5taps are so pretty.

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