Good Vibes 4

When you hang out with friends with whom you enjoy being with, a certain atmosphere embraces you… a good vibe so to speak.

I enjoy filming bicycle riding and the best thing about it are the people who are friendly, supportive and with whom the time spent is not a waste, but a gain instead. This particular video features Erik "Eki" Orgo, whom I consider as a good friend of mine. Filming with him is always amazingly good and he astonishes me every time I film with him!

This particular video, hopefully, will show you, the audience, as to how mellow, fun and friendly we as a collective are when we hang out, chill or film.

Thank you goes to:

- my friends
- my family
- Timo Pritzel from Atmosfair Clothing
- Andres Vaab from Red Bull
- Gert and Valdur for taking a couple of photos

Song: Ghostland Observatory - "Midnight Voyage"

Hope you will enjoy this video and appreciate the good times, good vibes that come along your way while being with your friends!

Check their photos on the right of this page as well as here:​GertNogu and​yamacuza/​

Credit: Dmitri "demz" Shushuyev
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